• Published 13th May 2012
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Austraeoh - Imploding Colon

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The western horizon greeted her like a dim torch, and yet she lit up the sky. There was the briefest flicker of lavender in her peripheral vision, but she ripped herself away from it, soaring towards the twin mesas to the west.

To her flank, the cyclone of swirling dragons were pelting the surface of Silvadel with billowing plumes of flame. Upon sight of her, a dozen of them branched off from the siege of Sanctuary. They shrieked after her in rapid pursuit, their slitted eyes fixated on the bulbous black container in her grasp.

Rainbow Dash glanced back at them. She smirked. Flapping her wings faster, she shot her way straight up towards the sky. “Ha!”

The dragons growled and ripped at the air in their furious attempt to climb after her.

She gritted her teeth and aimed straight for the gray smog clouds. The air grew thick with haze around her. Her pegasus limbs clutched the bomb full of death water in an iron grip. Frost formed on her feathers as she climbed the highest she had ever ascended above the Silvadelian wasteland. Finally, she pierced the clouds, and for a brief moment all was stars and beauty. She saw the full moon and thought of the princesses, of home, and of memories. Her eyes flickered once—a singular dizzy sensation—and yet for the first time in as long as she could remember, she reveled in it.

Giving into the weightlessness, she hugged the bomb to her chest, coiled her wings to her sides, and simply fell. Like a living anvil, she plummeted straight down through the clouds... just as the dragons were coming up.

The wyrms burst through the smog, and the first thing they saw was a living weapon sailing back at them. The intelligent synapses in their skulls fired, and they collectively flinched in sheer panic. Wings slammed into wings. Snouts bumped into snouts. The meaty broodlings collided in a clash of leather clumsiness, and soon Rainbow Dash had an open passage way through which to plummet. Once clear of the careening, shrieking dragons, she angled her body, shot her wings down, and performed the fastest dive of her life. Cones of air formed around her as she broke several sonic barriers, screaming towards the sight of the westernmost mesa below.

There were no dragons left to follow her; none could even see her. When she entered the hole to Axan's lair, it was like a hot needle threading its way into a mountain of butter. The cold earth swallowed her up in echoes, and they sounded suspiciously like devilish laughter.

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