• Published 13th May 2012
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Austraeoh - Imploding Colon

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Rainbow Dash's ruby eyes twitched, sparkled. She blinked, and a gloss of moisture ran over her vision.

Stretching above and beyond her figure was a huge stretch of cavernous metal chambers, polished like the finest gold. Runed pendulums and levers hung in a frozen snapshot of an ancient time long gone. The place had a sterile smell to it, reminiscent of the chambers well beneath the mountain of Windthrow.

“Whew...” Rainbow's voice echoed through the place as she brought a hoof to her pendant and gave birth to a ruby glow. “If only the Darkstinians could see this place; then they would be they who wet themselves...”

Prophetically, a dull rumble echoed through the labyrinthine chamber. Rainbow Dash sensed the civil unrest building on the surface of New Ring directly above. Feeling pressed for time, she scanned the local interiors until her eyes caught the wafting path of lavender light. Swiftly, she galloped after it, her hooves making lone clanking noises against the metallic surfaces as she hurried down a hallway, descended a spiraling stairwell, and threaded through a series of inert pistons to get to her obscure destination.

Images blurred past her: scenes etched in platinum murals depicting alicorns arriving upon a flat strip of landscape in a billowing nether of chaos. Priceless details of historical importance lingered on all sides of her path, but she didn't care. She was being drawn somewhere; she was always being drawn somewhere. All that mattered was the lavender path and the act of chasing it. It was just as important as chasing the rising sun.

Finally, Rainbow Dash rounded a last corner, and she saw it. Her ruby eyes twitched, and she froze upon the edge of an impossibly deep chasm. Stretching across it was a bridge, and in the center of it was a golden pedestal. Hovering in the center of the altar was a billowing flame of red light.

“Hmmm... Awesome sauce...” Rainbow Dash took a deep breath and bravely trotted towards the glow. Once within smelling distance, she cracked her limbs, exhaled, and reached two limbs forward.

She touched the flame, and yet she didn't. Rainbow Dash wasn't in the position to tell anymore. The worst dizzy spell in memory struck her like a club to the skull. The subterranean world of metal spun a million miles per second, and she was reeling from it.

With a voice cracking yelp, she teetered on her hooves, and fell...

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