• Published 13th May 2012
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Austraeoh - Imploding Colon

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Rainbow Dash screamed.

He limbs flexed, and the monster's jaws were snapping wide open.

The creature shrieked and hissed in pain as a bright glow of crimson emanated from its maw.

Rainbow Dash's pendant was glowing, but it was no longer around her neck. She was holding it loosely in her hoof, and her eyes...

They were losing their normal color in a spiral. Flickering with beams of unnatural light, they turned into pinprics of red within yellow seas. Rainbow Dash snarled, and her gnashing teeth appeared to quadruple in number. She flung the mouth of the creature open with freakish strength, then bucked the roof of the lizard's mouth with her hooves.

The lizard sputtered, spat, and coughed Rainbow Dash up.

The pegasus flew back, breathless. Without wasting anytime, she flew down and snatched her saddlebag. She left the chamber of the thrashing creature in a bright blue blur. She soared towards one of the open holes of light above. She didn't bother fearing the blizzard anymore.

She emerged into the cold, wintry world like a rocket. Gravity won out, and soon she was stumbling, sliding through the snow. She dropped her saddlebag and collapsed in a bank of white frost, twitching and spasming. There were two red spots forming along her brow with the same severity of the yellow glow assaulting her eyes. The wounds began to bleed, as if something was trying to burrow up from the surface of her skin. She waves of dizziness overtake her, and she knew she barely had the strength to undo what had been done.

Flailing blindly into her madness, she miraculously succeeded in flinging the Element of Loyalty back around her neck. She exhaled with a shuddering breath, hugging herself in a fetal position as the dizziness slowly cleared. The two spots in her head disappeared, leaving only two thin rivers of blood.

Minutes passed. Rainbow Dash could barely sit up straight. She opened her eyes—their normal ruby color—and gaped at the sunset over the mountains.

The blizzard had ended. It was only a belated blessing.

Coughing, sputtering, and cringeing, Rainbow Dash slowly pulled herself up, donned the saddlebag, and slumped like a zombie in the only direction that mattered.


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