• Published 13th May 2012
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Austraeoh - Imploding Colon

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Astral and the prisoners gasped as the entire floor of the prison cell jolted. Rockspot trembled and clung to his father. Outside, through the wooden bars of the door, shouting minotaurs were running hurriedly towards the front of the cave as the entire tunnel shook around them.

“What... What did she do?!” Stammered a Windthrow mare.

“Did she have gunpowder?!” Another exclaimed.

“Calm down, everypony,” Astral said. “I'm sure she's doing everything in her power to get the minotaurs out of here. Take look for yourself! The tunnel's practically—”

Just then, the door flung open and a frazzled, sweating Rainbow Dash stood in the frame.

“H-hi guys!” She grinned wide and shook a hoof. “Don't fear! I've come to—”

A wave of water hit her.

“Daaah!” She fell over, rolling through a two foot-current of rushing liquid. The sloshing wave rose higher and higher as it bathed every square inch of the tunnel floor, eventually pouring into the prison cell itself.

The ponies backtrotted, gasping. Several exchanged worried looks.

“What in the Sun Goddess' name...?!”

“THIS was your distraction?!”

“I swear, she's doomed us all!”

“I have not—” Rainbow Dash sputtered and coughed out some liquid. “—doomed us all! We're still going with the same plan as before! Only now, we gotta...” She glanced down at the flowing water around her hooves. “Y'know... do it a little quicker.”

“Easier for you to say! You've got wings!”

“Will you stop complaining?!” Rockspot's father shouted at the others. “She's the only pony who's bothered to risk her neck by coming this far! Let's get out now that she's given us a chance!”

“Yes,” Astral nodded fervently. “If this hasn't distracted the minotaurs, I don't know what will. Hurry, everypony! We make for the far end of the tunnel!”

“Here, son...” Rockspot's father squatted down so that the foal could hop onto his backside. “Grab ahold. Don't let go.”

“I won't, daddy. Is Miss Dash coming with us?”

“Heck yeah!” Rainbow Dash held the door open as the ponies filed out. There were easily two dozen of them in total. It was a thick group, and their bodies shivered with fear and panic. “There's no party like a prison break party! Ha ha ha!” Out of earshot of Rockspot, she turned and whispered to Astral. “There're only six of you left, right?”

“Correct!” Astral said, already leading the group hurriedly downt he corridor. “They have to be further down the tunnels!”

“Great!” Rainbow Dash soared past him. “I'll fly ahead and scout out for any remaining minotaurs—”

“You got the chaos strips from Thunderhorn, right?”

Rainbow Dash flew into a metal crane. She winced in-midair, then kicked and thrashed at the equipment. “Dang it all to Nightmare Moon's bridle stains! Nnnnngh!” She spun and blurred like a rocket towards the mouth of the cave. “I knew I friggin' forgot something!”

“Be quick about it!” Astral shouted, using his weak magic to fend off the water rushing behind the group as they waded desperately into the darkness. “I don't have the strength to protect the group all by my lonesome!”

“Right! I'm the heroine of the hour! Got it!” Rainbow Dash's voice echoed back. As she flew back into the sunlight over the roaring waves of water, she snarled to herself. “Darn it, darn it, darn it! I swear! My life's turned into some stupid story written by an idiot in fast-forward! Nnnngh!” With a murderous growl, she flew into the fray of the quarry.

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