• Published 13th May 2012
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Austraeoh - Imploding Colon

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Minutes later, Rainbow Dash landed in a clearing. She was hyperventilating.

Squatting on her folded limbs in a patch of moonlight, she stared down at the ground and tried to catch her breath. Her saddlebag appeared to weigh fifty pounds heavier. Seething, she practically yanked the thing open.

She fished her hoof around the inside of the pack. Something wet and decaying brushed against her forelimb. The hairs rose on the back of her neck as she yanked the one remaining apple out. A hatchet and a lonesome book fell out onto the forest floor as she sat there, gazing at the fruit.

The apple had turned rotten in the past few days of zooming around, chasing monsters, and saving ponies. It had a horrible smell to it, destroying the otherwise pristine kiss of the cool night scene.

Rainbow Dash gritted her teeth and shook, quivered. With a grunt, she tossed the apple away, so that it landed with an ineffectual plop behind a line of strange bushes. Now, all she could see was the book lying on the ground beneath her. She grazed a hoof across the cover, but she couldn't bear to open it. Her eyes swam over the binding, lost in the antique surface, greeen like the forests of Equestria, the same color that Gold Petals' eyes weren't.

Shaking her head, Rainbow Dash shoved the book and the hatchet back into her bag. She tied the satchel up, but then her hooves went numb. She slowly sank to the ground, her nostrils flaring as she planted both forelimbs against her skull—tighter and tighter—as if trying to squeeze a rampaging tempest of thoughts out through her ears. Her breaths came shorter and shorter, more and more furious. A shudder ran through her system, then a whimper, and she started to buckle and heave.

Then, as the slightest bit of moisture came to her eyes, she felt it—and snarled. With gnashing teeth, she kicked up off the ground and soared into the starscape with a flurry of feathers.

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