• Published 13th May 2012
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Austraeoh - Imploding Colon

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Rainbow Dash's eyes flew open, and she gasped for breath. Standing up, she looked at the wide space of metal gizmos and golden bowers surrounding her. Drowning in ancient architecture stretching above and beneath her for hundreds of meters, her only impulse was to smile and say:

“...it is a machine.”

She stood up on wobbly legs, rediscovering her strength. The crimson flame was gone from the pedestal, and instead the entire place was awash in lavender glow. She was in the center of it, the epicenter of a living candle.

Gulping, Rainbow Dash raised her hooves to her face and smiled even more.

“And I am the spark.”

Her eyes flickered red on yellow and back to their ruby glint. The pendant around her neck fluctuated briefly. She felt dizzy, but for the time being it no longer mattered. Her wings flapped once, twice, then blurred as she lifted up in the belly of the behemoth chasm of metal. As she levitated, the lavender light followed her, filling each remote corner of the place with illumination and purpose. Gears came to life. Pendulums swung as if on their own. Conveyor belts and pistons hummed with a timeless breath of industry.

Rainbow Dash lifted her way into a spiraling chamber of clanking and rotating parts. Lanterns flickered brightly, being lit for the first time in centuries. She looked everywhere, at walls studded with endless, complicated instruments. She didn't understand a single thing, and yet she comprehended it all. There was no questioning it. Her eyes were filled to the brim with lavender energy, like a solid explosion of intelligence was blossoming forth from the center of her skull.

Spinning around, Rainbow Dash saw a series of levers. Flying over towards it, she landed and gripped the handle with two hooves.


Straining slightly, she gave the levers a heavy tug. Pipes hissed with steam and tesla coils sparked to life.

Twirling about, she saw even more levers waiting for a phantom to come and give them motion. She dashed over and yanked at the handles before pulling at the switches to the side and pressing at the buttons beyond them. Like a drunken boxer, she scrambled over the various contraptions, relishing the lucid engineering abilities for as long as they lasted.

Before the flame died out in her eyes, and the glow left her pendant, her task was completed. She felt another wave of dizziness, but bravely bore it as she sat back and watched through a glass panel while a large black object rose straight up like a huge piston.

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