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She is an Explorer. She traverses the universe, seeking out those places that have been suggested to Her. With luck, She’ll find something phenomenal. For even across the vast emptiness of space, one may yet find a friend...

Inspired by the titular song by Train.

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My thanks to Rayvinne for volunteering to preread this!

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Author Interviewer

Oh no, you beat me to writing a story off Drops of Jupiter! D:

It better be a good one. >:B

Oops, sorry! I’ve had peeps do that to me before. :fluttershbad:

But look at it this way: if it’s not, you can write yours and gloat about how much better it is than mine. :raritywink:

I'm going to guess this is Neptune, based on the blue and the diamonds.

A moon with a yellowish atmosphere? Clearly, this must be Titan.

Or I could be entirely wrong, and She is visiting multiple different star systems. My bad. Still interesting.

Woo! Glad to see it's up.

Pinkie Pie. Of course. Pinkie Pie is best nebula.

I figured that Twilight's friends were dead, but this is a lovely way for the Sisters to help her cope. Well done.

I like how each of the chapters had one of Twilight's friends represented in the form of some sort of planetary cosmic magic, I've never seen that done before, it's honestly quite impressive. Well done.

Not a bad guess in my opinion. But honestly I have no idea what's in store for us at all.

At least this fic isn't badly written like most are when posted all in one go. Sometimes they surprise me like this one.

Neptune is a gas giant. It's got a solid portion somewhere, but you can be pretty sure she wouldn't be able to see the blue sun. Also, Neptune does not orbit a blue sun.

Deep in atmosphere, perhaps red light has been scattered away?

How about a bonus chapter about everybrony's favorite Mare In Black: Sweetie Drops? Maybe in the deep gravitational well of a neutron star?

Realizing that now. Neptune does have diamonds in its interior, but they're pretty small. Plus, all that methane reflects blue light and transmits red. But I shouldn't be too worried about that, because no star is deep blue.

Ponderous mysticism meets character exploration through a cosmic lens? This is my jam.

hehe... ludicrous speed.

And thanks again for the help!

Looking for a new world because Equestria was destroyed? Huh. Despite how common the general idea is, it never occurred to me.

For one, I think I'd rather keep this limited to the Mane Six.

For another, I've no idea what a neutron star would have to do with a secret life of espionage. Perhaps something involving dark matter, but more likely something obtuse, like a rogue planet hidden in a nebula. But then it would need a Lyra nearby that it passes regularly, revealing the lie to the 'rogue' status. And of course, Lyra would have to be something utterly forgettable, like a probe from a long-lost civilization, but herself caught in the gravitational well of a black hole, perhaps?

yee,hey,your article is wonderful.Could I translate and share them to my Chinese friends?

Absolutely, go ahead! :twilightsmile:

If you ever encounter a teapot orbiting a star, don't blame Bertrand Russell. It just escaped from the Pinkie Nebula, is all.

Exquisite and extensible! After all, at the very least, Twilight will one day go out and make a memorial for Spike when he passes on centuries from now.

Also, I was going to write an offshoot about how Luna told Twilight her friends had been memorialized in the stars, prompting her to ask for coordinates. I didn't think I'd come so close to an actual prequel!

Also also, the various Magics could apparently incarnate in Equestria as alicorns. I kind of want to see their reactions to life, both as it and interacting with it. Though the nebula may have already done that during the Mirror Pool incident...

In any case, a lovely collection from start to finish. Thank you for it.

Glad you enjoyed it! I considered doing a chapter for Spike, but then remembered my chosen timeline and realized he probably hadn’t kicked the bucket yet. Still, the option is there for sequels in which Twilight or someone else meets other such celestial figures. I’ve considered having one where Cadance does the same thing, except that she doesn’t have so many direct, known characters to interact with so it would have to be something much shorter.

Curious that you had such an idea that mirrors mine so well, although the exact nature of the Magics’ existences isn’t so clear cut as that. At least, I don’t think so; I didn’t bother to clarify that in my head.

A sequel of alicorn visitations could be... entertaining. Definitely something worth considering.

Okay so she’s made diamonds, a butterfly, rainbow comets and now an apple. I think I see what you’re doing here.

But she never visited Jupiter... :rainbowwild:

Maybe she did and I just didn't let you see it. Maybe it was too... private (oh la la!).

Okay see now you need to write an T-rated bonus chapter where she has space sex with Jupiter.


That's a very different interpretation of the phrase "Drops of Jupiter".

Now I’m going to write a story called “Sploosh of Jupiter” with a story description “Twilight has space sex with Jupiter”.

You have my permission to blame me for it.

That was a ton of fun to read!!! Thanks for sharing with us!

I'm reminded a lot of Hello Sedna, except not nearly as melancholy.

Oh, wow, it's been years since I reviewed that. I do recall loving it, though. It's one of those stories that I sometimes recall, and fondly.

Author Interviewer

This one's a bit more on-the-nose compared to the others. :)

Author Interviewer

It was a good one. :)

This ... was an interesting read. I figured it out by the second chapter, but it was a good read anyway.

If you do a sequel, what would it be about? Would these ascended friends come home? The stars can be incredibly lonely with nothing but stellar masses to play with every day.

Found it in chapter 2. Thanks!

I can’t imagine it being any other way with her.

You don’t have it as figured out as you think, but it’s an understandable misinterpretation. As for a sequel (and I cannot guarantee there will be one), I could go many ways. I could show Cadance’s journey through the stars. I could find an excuse to have the Magics come to Equestria to take on physical forms for brief visits. I could expand upon Twilight’s journey and introduce more Magic entities. Who knows?

In which Twilight Sparkle calls Rarity's butt fat, and gets away with it.


If I was right all the time, FF would be much less interesting, amirite? Winks at the screen

This was rather amazing! I really loved how well each piece can stand on its own--I'd put together what was going on by the time the apple part came around, and by that point was annoyed at myself for not suspecting earlier. But even without the connections to Twilight's pony friends, each chapter was such a lovely bit of atmospheric, expressive exploration that it wasn't at all boring.

And the notion that the universe is so large that there's something out there very much like each and every one of Twilight's friends is a sadly beautiful one, made all the better by the angle of Twilight befriending planets and stars and the like.

This is a really cool story, and I loved just about everything about it. Thanks for writing it!

I’m just glad it’s been so well received compared to what I was expecting. I really enjoyed writing it, but feared it would be too ‘out there’ for people. So far I’m happy to find that’s not the case.

Also, you’re the first person to comment who actually gets what I was going for (at least openly), so kudos!

I've had this in a browser tab pretty much since you published it, and only now got around to reading it.

I can't help but imagine what, for example, the Federation might think if they were to stumble upon a star system with a sapient belt of rainbow asteroids and comets.

Might make for a good episode.

...eh, it probably is one, come to think of it. I'm by no means an aficionado.

This was really nice. :twilightsmile:

I was gonna remark that this was the most unique take on "Describe the Mane 6 without talking about their physical forms" I've ever seen, but I like the message in the final chapter that tied it all together. It's heartwarming.

I must admit, I struggled for a while to come up with something for each character. Applejack and Rainbow Dash in particular took me a while to figure out.

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