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What can I say? The idea hit me and wouldn't go away until it was written out.

I'm thinking about doing a quick horror bomb, dropping a few more stories over the next month. I've got at least three more ideas so far, including a second entry for the contest. One of them may be a bit on the longer side, though.

Thanks for posting this, could ya add it to the contest stories folder please? ;)

I've been trying to all day, but when I go to the folder the usual buttons for adding a story aren't there. I have no idea why. I sorta thought you just hadn't unlocked it yet.

Hm. I can check into it, or do it for you. But you should be able to go to -add to groups- int he upper right, then select The Barcast, then the appropriate folder.

Yep, that worked.

EDIT: I also checked, it should be unlocked and postable for anyone who's a member of the Barcast group.

Huh. Weird. The Add Story button hasn't been there all day, but now that my story is added... well, there it is. I remain thoroughly confused.

Oh, well, it's added now. Thanks!

So Lyra and daring trun into humans and daring snaps

Correction: They turn into broken half-human, half-pony abominations, an unnatural splicing of the two whose very existence is continuous agony, because the statue was never meant to be used by ponies.

Well that's one way to explain why Capper looks like he does. Also to try and breath life into what turned out to be a one off thing from Season 1.

I still think Lyra's pose from that moment was based more on Capper's people, or minotaurs. Since it was never talked about ever again, it's either that.

Or the whole thing was an animation error.

The reason Lyra is here at all is because of the pervasive fannon concept of Lyra being obsessed with humans, which made her an obvious choie. I picked Abyssinians because I'd never done anything with them before and they were a suitably 'alien' species from ponies. Both of these elements aided legitimizing the overarching idea. I could just have easily used Twilight Sparkle (who has actually met humans) and any other random race. I certainly wasn't trying to 'justify' Capper's appearance or breathe life into an old idea.

Actually, almost all the new races shown in the movie annoy me, because they almost all have humanized characteristics. I thought this was supposed to be My Little Pony, not My Little Anthro. I could have chosen any random creature from Krug Town and had readers assume some attempt to 'justify' their appearance.

I honestly thought the choice of Abyssinians was a play on humans being obsessed with cats.

They probably touched This statue.

Very good, spooky story! Although, is it up to interpretation as to why Bon Bon was unaffected or did you have a reasoning for it? Or is the reason already in the story and I just skipped over it somehow?

Thanks! The reason is already stated in-story: Bon Bon never touched the statue.

Ugh, I always read over the important details. Nonetheless, this was very inspiring!

I liked it, even though my stomach says it doesn't.

Just yikes. Body horror is one of the worst things to read in that your brain is like "You could be watching it...but let's let you imagine something worse."

Author Interviewer

Shit, dude.

That was fucked up and great.

Sooo...Daring, turned into Turanga Leela ?????

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