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Rainbow Dash is willing to make a lot of sacrifices for her oldest and best friend. Some of them are less a sacrifice than she lets on. But it's cool. Fluttershy's cool. As long as nobody else notices...

A little something that popped into my head and demanded to be written. Done with minimal editing. I was going to use it as an entry in the Writeoff's "I Prefer Not To" contest, but missed the deadline.

Cover art by ILACAVGBMJC. Used with permission.

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Comments ( 8 )

Nice. I was honestly expecting Rainbow to leave, but hey! That was a nice turn of events. ^u^

God I wish more people would just let Rainbow not be such a damn child about her "reputation"; she was almost doing it here, but nice to see she can be mature sometimes. :eeyup:

I love flutterdash, even non-romance, where they have some deeper aspect of their relationship. Some aspect or activity that it's just between them. Thus this story was like a perfect little snack for me. I'd of liked this as a small part to a much larger story, but it's still perfectly sweet as it is.

I tend to believe the show really gave Rainbow the short end of the stick. She's has plenty of opportunities for growth, but they just kept pushing her back to the same loud, obnoxious, immature role. Out of all the Mane 6, I feel she was the one that grew the least, and I don't think that has anything to do with her.

An absolutely excellent story. I've always like the Rainbow Dash - Fluttershy relationship, and I feel like your story really captured their interplay nicely. I love the idea that they have a tea time where they can just be themselves, free from judgement of others. This shows a really well developed and mature relationship between the two, a deeply trusting one. I love it!

A lovely character snapshot that says volumes about Dash and her relationship with Fluttershy. And just how terribly Sunset hurt the others when she broke them up. There's a lot wrapped in this kiloword. Well done.

... Wait. This is literally a thousand words based on a picture. You sly dog.

As much as I'd love to claim credit for that, the truth is the story came before the picture. Or rather, the concept of it. I found the picture later and modified the story slightly in order to make the picture relate to it.

This was an utterly delightful little story. :pinkiesmile: It made for a surprisingly thoughtful and deep look into Rainbow and Fluttershy's characters. :yay:

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