Fluttershy knows it is her honor, her destiny, to have been born into the Lunar Guard. She knows it with all her heart. But sometimes, when she can get away from her drills and be alone with her animals, she is beset by doubt. Sometimes, as she straps on her armor and raises her spear, she wonders why there is so much disharmony in the world.

Sometimes she feels like Equestria is missing a little kindness.


Equestria Daily

Thanks to Rex Ivan, docontra, Reese, and JackRipper for helping to make it readable.
Cover art done by Conicer.

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This is a story idea I've been kicking around for a while, something that gained impetus after Conicer did a funny sketch about - and which we can all start pestering for him to share.

I hope you enjoy this, and I look forward to sharing the rest of it over the coming weeks.

And yes, I find bat ponies adorable too. Share your cutest bat pony pictures below so we can get diabetes together.

Was excited to see this when you asked around in the chat. Looking forward to what you'll do with it.

New Derek story?

I'm down.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Finally! I can read past the chapter I edited for you months ago.

*Only first chapter is posted*

Well Dang it.


Here's one I made earlier.


So a universe where she was born a bat pony. Intersting.
But it matters not. She is who she is. And her true power is well beyond anything they can understand.
Though i can guess what nightshy''s plans are, and how they will not work XP

I am under the impression that non of them realize what happened to luna in the past.

"The Crystal’s are but one"

"True Princess’ imminent"
Depending on the standard you're using, "Princess's"?

Well now, an interesting-looking new story, this is. :)




I love that Bookshelf, by the way.






We'll just have to see, eh?


Thanks for the catches! :pinkiehappy:


Most tend to agree, actually.

Best bit is that it's completely true.

~Skeeter The Lurker

You're welcome. :)

Interesting...let's see where this one goes.

I can't help but feel that the bat pony view of the situation of Equestria may be...bias, so I do wonder if there's much more going on in the bigger picture of things than presently revealed, but we'll see soon enough, won't we? :twilightsmile:

Well, you certainly have my attention. Have a "track."

This little thing is certainly one of the unique things that with shifting a few thing create the best thing ever. My Decaing Friend - carry on, this is your time.

Soldier Thestral Flutters? Instantly tracked. I can't wait for more.

The ideal punishment for her would be sending her for scouting in the wild areas on the surface. I also wonder if she has her Cutie Mark here. Propably three bats for finding Angel.

Or thestrals here don't have CMs and she is gonna get one during the punishment. That's also a possibility...

True facts of the bat pony
1. They enjoy a robust physiological make up and are resistant to most disease, including rabies, though can still be carriers.
2. Bat pony is regarded by them as an ethnic slur
3. they love to snuggle!

You have an interesting story. I'm definitely going to keep track at this. Good work.

Also, here is a picture of My OC, Swift Knight:


I wouldn't call her adorable, but people really seemed to love her. So much in fact that I started writing a story for her (its not published yet, but I hope to finish it soon).

Fluttershy still gave thanks for such expansive accommodations

Yes, truly you are the 1%.


First, she whispered her morning prayer, asking for the True Princess’ blessing for the day to come as she carefully slipped the crescent moon medallion around her neck.

Leave it to Nightmare Moon to create a religion to herself. That or it's a religion of their own creation and Nightmare Moon hasn't returned yet. Either way, brace yourselves for uninhabitable cold.

The Usurper changed the past and painted herself a savior while the True Princess was banished into the long night of ignorance.

Considering we actually got to see what happened? Yeah, you're pulling this out of your collective asses.

We do not forget. We survive. We wait. And when the True Princess returns, she will find us ready to serve once again.

Well, this is going to make using the elements on her a bit difficult.


like the lesser pony races surely would.


Oh, they would still be running drills till they passed out for their disgusting lapses, but she would at least consider letting them have dinner tonight. Maybe.

Are you sure Celestia's the tyrant? Because she was protecting Equestria from total crop failure and the eventual freezing of the planet, you're the one ruling with an iron hoof. Sure punishments like that are common with military, but it's the attitude with which you do it that raises red flags for me.

Please tell me you're still working on Asylum, right? That one's kept me up at night...

Author, I beg you to not write Nightmare Moon as cliche villain who do "evulz" just for sake of being Stupid Evil. Especially do not make her treating her loyal followers as trash and slaves, it's boring and stupid. I just please for this.

Already can't wait for Nightshy to feel the full force of Fluttershy's stare. In fact, try and take her animals away I dare you General, then we'll see who is left quivering in a pool of their own tears. :flutterrage:

Interesting start, some nice world-building and the lore the Thestrals have is interesting even if not ENTIRELY true, it's exaggerated but I suspect parts of it like the near extinction of their race and Celestia writing them out of history much like she did to her sister.

Also Antumbra makes me think of that one story where Luna created the first Changeling to be her daughter, good story though it's depressing. Was that where you got the name from by any chance?

Anyway, tracking this for now, interested to where it goes.

7334109 your user name is fantastic

You've caught my attention. This seems like a good story.

Seems pretty intresting and well written so far, looking forward to more! I would like to know what this Fluttershy's cutie mark is though.

The story is defiantly interesting so far.:ajsmug:
I would be interested as to where this goes, so good sir please continue:moustache:

Consider me deeply intrigued, especially since it's unclear just how tyrannical Celestia really is in this setting. I look forward to seeing where you go with this.

this chapter was AMAZING!! i cant wait for more


Oh you might just be on to something... Or maybe I'm just lulling you into a false sense of security! :pinkiecrazy:


Thank you kindly!


Best thing ever is high praise indeed!


Glad you approve!


It only works when you use a Morgan Freeman voice, however. :raritywink:


I do like the idea of Fluttershy in a board room trying to get her voice heard over the hullabaloo.

"I think... um, excuse me but... I think the merger... um..."


Yep. This is a bit of a training regimen for the end of that story: I wanna make sure it's as great as possible.


Well I do come from the "Doctor Claw" school of villainy...



Hope you have fun!


Thanks! Hope it stays that way. :pinkiehappy:


In time, in time...


Thank you very much!


I want to write her as some tired bureaucrat all of a sudden. Sitting there with a cigarette on her break before returning to her cubicle to sign more paperwork.


Thanks! :pinkiehappy:

Hm. I wonder why Nightshy's aides sold her up the river? Did they believe Russet and Iron Pick's version of events, or is there something else going on?

Ugh. I hate this kind of crap. :facehoof:

"We have unsubstantiated claims that are obviously false, but everyone will take them at face value!"

Sounds like fluttershy made a run for it. Probably ashamed of what she ended up doing there.

Bureaucrats are useless if they are not kept in line. These guys are equally worthless. How they hell do they expect to help nightmare moon when they'll probably hamstring each other to the point they can do nothing?



Politics is less about what is true and more about what you can convince others is true... or maybe it's just which truth you can convince others is in their best interests to believe?


Indeed. What does a thousand years of fearful isolation, pseudo-religious faith and political inbreeding do to a society?

Firstly, note that Fimfiction's notification system won't tell people you've replied to a comment unless you do so in the same chapter as that comment, and comments made from the story page are treated as comments on the bottommost chapter. Just an FYI, since there are quite a few people, myself included, who didn't see your replies.

As for the chapter itself, I wonder if Echo's testimony is even available. She may be concussed, comatose, or worse. And even then, it's the word of one lowborn legionnaire against two of the nobility. And Fluttershy... Well, don't mess with the nice ones. The cruel will gloat and savor the moment before finishing you. The kind will end it quickly, so that you don't suffer.

Still, finding her is definitely the top priority right now. There's no telling what she did when she came to her senses... assuming she ever did. :unsuresweetie:

7342911 Think it would be safe to say that it is simply theri views built up over a thousand years. lies they told themselves.

7354897 Make it like america more than likelyy >_<

I was expecting a Sonic Rainboom-type moment, although how it would reach out of the cave to the other four is beyond me. I'm disappointed I wasn't right, but I'm not disappointed at all in the quality of the story so far. Keep it up!

For some reason, this kinda reminds me of the Drizzt saga. As long as we don't have bat-bottomed ponies I'll go along with it, though.


Drizzt had a lot more of a spine than Fluttershy, though, and with all the more reason not to being a male in a matriarchy. Fluttershy is practically a princess in this situation.

7355891 well, yeah. But I was talking more about the setting and political pressure than the main character. There I agree with your diagnostic. Either way, this story is gearing up to be an epic of somewhat less significant but still commendable proportions.

Trust me when I say I wouldn't want it any other way. :pinkiehappy:

"she’d laid down in"

"lifted her help and wiped away"

"the rules; no holding"
"rules: no"?

"that sometimes even the most gifted of families can produce a mewling little runt from time to time"
Were the "sometimes" and "from time to time" both meant to be there?

"to shake of the shock"

"of Echo’s head and she dropped"
"head, and"?

"to scream but Fluttershy’s other"
"scream, but"?

"on the deposition of enemy forces"

"on opening night even their "
"night, even"?

"risk that lay at the heart"

"were to happen to yourself"
"to you"?

You would think someone with commonsense and more ethics than a starving sewer rat, would point out the problem of a failing soldier universally regarded as the worst solider in the army by a country mile beating up two fully grown and trained stallions. The council are either all idiots or so morally bankrupt they would do our real world bankers proud.

7354855 what, that fluttershy assaulted those ponies? She did, what wasn't said is that those ponies instigated it.

Is General Nightshy fucking retarded? Like, more retarded than Trump and his followers?

I'm guessing she knows Fluttershy enough to guess that she would NOT wantonly attack two others, yet Nightshy begrudgingly backs down to let the rest of the people decide Fluttershy's punishment, yet had she actually talked to Fluttershy and got her side of the story, she would be able to properly deal with those undermining, superseding cunts feeding her bullshit on a mega-sized spoon, AND SHE'S EATING IT UP LIKE A DOG!

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