Breezy Beach is a travel writer with a stalled career and an editor that doesn't return his calls. A small farming town like Ponyville doesn't carry the same romantic flair that a tropical beach or the sand dunes of Saddle Arabia does, but it pays for rent and cider. Without anything to tie him down and no responsibilities, Breezy is confident he has the bachelor life made. Nothing could take that away from him.

Not even a dragon.

A collab between myself and Jaestring.
Cover art by Jaestring.

Thanks to Rainbow Bob and ROBCakeran53 for editing.

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On a side note, please check out Jaestring's Deviant Art page HERE. She does some amazing stuff!



Just from the title i can tell. That this is a grate fic i promise I'll read later.

huh anotyher story to read from you? nice. and itnersting start.............
actually since reptiles of a cloaca........

Let's get this show on the road! :pinkiehappy:

jus t form te tittie i can telld. That this a grate fic i promise I'll read later.

So... A dragon egg. Ready to hatch. In a crate behind a Ponyville bar.
I have an urge to blame Pinkie Pie for this, for some reason. :)

Would he go to Twilight For help maybe just because she had a Dragon living with her and might know what do with her maybe?

4647619 An entirely feasible hypothesis.:pinkiesmile:

4647687 Not on purpose (it's not like it was announced one day by Celestia that her new appreciate had a baby dragon). More likely, he'd go to the library to check out a book on dragons and he'd see the two together.:twilightsmile:


Sorry just assumed that because Twilight and spike are know in ponyville and Logic would dictate that because he lives in ponyville that he would go see the only other person how has a dragon leaving with them then?

4648284 I don't recall Ponyville being mentioned anywhere in the story; did a quick skim threw & didn't see it unless I missed it completely.:derpyderp2:

EDIT: Just read the story synops again and it mentioned Ponyville there, so I now see what you meant.

This reminds me of the start of the movie Dinosaur.

This is a really good story so far, can't wait for the next chapter.

funny and sweet story! Love it!

Spike gonna be in this story?

I'm so happy to see this posted! I kinda preread it a while back, and I was wondering where it went.

Cool to see the cover in color.

From what I can tell, this is one original story, with no typical Mane Six lads included like they should be. The story had a great beggining and an excellent development, not to mention that the baby dragon looked adorable!

I don't know where did you get this idea from, but it is something that you don't always see normally. A unique story that has huge amounts of potential. If there were supposed to be some errors like grammar or the development, I couldn't spot them even if I focused on searching for them.

You have a great story in your hands and everyone thinks the same. Do another chapter like this and soon you will reaching higher places.
Great job and looking forward to the next chapter.

Just a random question. Will he have to keep the Dragon a secret? And if he has to, will there be many close calls?

ok ill bite.
faved for ease of update watching and high potential for awesome.

I wonder if this story will be any good.

*Quietly favs and waits for more.*:fluttershyouch:

I got hooked when I read the description...
Moar plz?

I have dragon eggs stashed all over Equestria, in case of dragon egg emergencies! :pinkiehappy:

Right then, I placed this bad boy on my Read later list a while ago and finally took the time to actually read it through.
And I am quite glad I did, because this premise sounds really good.
Now though, I have to be a negative nancy by critique Law, but dont worry, It really aint much.
I only really have one Gribe, and it sort of is the length of the chapter and the Pacing. While it in the scene is really good, I still feel like you are handing us everything very quickly. Now you write very pleasantly and cutely enough for this not to be a big issue, but I barely feel like I know Breezy, all I know is that he drinks and has a Deadline. The story description tells me that he is an Author, which of course hightened might hype, but it still feels just a bit, Quick.
Dont get me wrong, I like what little I know of Breezy here, he seems like an upstanding Stallion just under a lot of stress, but again, just a little quick.

That however, is my only gribe. There is a Reason this story have gotten a favourite, I really want to see more, and I am sure you´re going to do it amazingly, because as said, its a small gribe that I almost forgot due to the cutesy of the scenes. It really feels a bit show like, if the show gave us more active drunks and stressed authors :rainbowlaugh:

Eagerly looking forwards to more. I love the cute dynamic of family, and I so wanna see Breezy handle the task. :pinkiehappy:

Eeyup, this gets an immediate fave, very well written, interesting, and cute. I hope you continue this story soon, I like it a lot!

This story seems really neat! I do hope it continues--its very original. :pinkiehappy:


I'll hold you to that!


The most disgusting part of any avian, really.


Indeed! But then, you've already read some of it since you edited it.


I know where you live, Para. I'll hold you to that!


Probably a good thing - don't know what trouble it might get up to otherwise...


She just might - although wouldn't she use a dragon egg to make one heck of a cake?


Indeed. Although if she's not there - off saving Equestria, perhaps - he might face a bit of trouble.




What about the television sitcom Dinosaurs?



Then Christmas comes early (or late) for you!


Thanks! Glad to have you as a reader!


Eventually. I can't picture him not showing up.


It's a great cover, isn't it? And you did some great work!


Oh it's not terribly original, I'll be the first to admit. But it came out of a completely random RP idea me and Jaestring (the artist and co-writer) had many months ago just to see who could annoy the other more 'in character' without breaking. Still, I'm really happy you enjoyed the first chapter. This is sorta me trying to get back into a regular writing schedule, so I hope it continues to be taken well.


I can't imagine him being able (or willing) to keep the dragon a secret.


Happy to have you aboard!


I bet it will be - but I'm a bit biased...


*quietly updates and waits for more comments*


Just for you, baby!


I think we all should. It's just a prudent act.


Part of why is because it's a commission - and partly because I wanted the updates to be a bit shorter and more rapidly written. Which... is not something I'm good at doing. Hopefully I can improve!


Today is your lucky day!


Your wish is my command!




Okay okay, here you guys go. Please, stop sending those death threats, and give me my daughter back! :raritycry:

Jormungandr...Jormungandr where do I know what name from? [one quick look through my mythology collection later]. Oh that's where I know the name from. Knew it was 'dragon' related. Nice one. :pinkiehappy:

Liking the story so far and am looking forward to more.

Uh oh, seems like ZOMG has some competition for adorablest thing on the website right now. The stallion OC even looks kind of like you.

You’re a hideous, selfish beast, I wish I’d never found that stupid egg, and I am not your daddy!”

Is it just me, or is it rather awkward when the dragons in this show are considered animals? Animals can't talk but dragons can. I know the ponies consider them animals and Hasbro considers them animals, but it's seems really awkward to me.

Wow its been awhile, nice to see an update and thank you for the entertainment.

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