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ima girl dat wubs mlp, singing, and drawing all the ponies, including my oc Vinyl Dash. I wub reading and writing fan fics! :3

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Vinyl Is Back In The Game · 2:49am Oct 9th, 2014

Hey guys! So its been a while since Ive last been on here and I thought I should give you an update! Basically school has started up again, Ive had plenty of homework, and Ive just been rlly busy(including with getting 4 teeth pulled, ugh). So I will let you know I am working on several stories at the moment, but they will come along slow due to school and other activities. Next summer I will be more active, but when Im not posting, that means Im working! Thanx for any support guys and look

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1199979 nice ;3 :yay:

1199899 I saw ur account on another person I'm following and I saw ur princess molestia avatar so I was curious. And a couple of ur stories and they were cool :p


hey, thanks for the watch...

a little curious as to why you did it

just wanna know

New Update: Blue and Rainbow Story is canceled FOR NOW(need to think of ideas for the story, and later I will begin), meanwhile New story being worked on: Corpses of Manehatten High featuring the mane six, braeburn, flash century, and miss cherilee! Thanx guys!:twilightblush: -Vinyl

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