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This story is a sequel to Submissive Sister

Watch THIS VIDEO FIRST and then read "THIS CHAPTER" before reading this story!!!!!

Octavia has had enough of broken promise after broken promise from her once good friend Vinyl Scratch and has decided to move on, and only too late has Vinyl realized just how much she has been hurting Octavia. Now more determined than ever to win back her friendship, Vinyl is out to change herself and show Octavia that she had changed for the better. Is it enough to make Octavia give the DJ a second chance, or is it too little, too late?

20 Mar 17: Updated to Definitive Edition

Note: While I'm hosting this story on my channel, TheCamel is the actual author of the series. Any feedback for him (positive, negative, whatever) can be left with me and I'll pass it along.

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Wow, this is fucking amazing. I'm so glad you decided to go forward with this idea.

I knew Vinyl was crazy but holy shit...! I wonder if she's gonna be okay now though, since she pretty well blackballed herself in the industry after that stunt...

She may or may not be back in Ponyville after this blows over it seems... But either way, you shouldn't worry about not seeing her. After all, Starsong's with the orchestra now.

Yeah... It's good to know she's doing well. And Vinyl... you and I are gonna have a lot to talk about next time I see you...

Bwahahaa! That was epic!

Awesome, adorable and heartwarming. I was wondering what you were going to do with the Vinyl/Octavia situation and once again you delivered a masterpiece. Lost my shit a bit when reading about the stage mishap since I'd seen that pic before.:rainbowlaugh:

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mmmmmm! I was eating toast and almost spit it all over my computer screen when I saw this! omg thank you!

The violinist looks kind of like Pewdiepie

Oh, a one shot? Somehow I missed that when I started reading.

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