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Meh, it was okay I guess.

A (somewhat belated) Hearts and Hooves day present to my beau.

That must be one helluva relationship.

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Well you've clearly had no experience with me before this so... Anyway, misleading people is basically my job.

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I absolutely loved reading this, and I do hope you make it into a small series. I'd me more than happy to contribute a few stories myself...


Oh no, all of my feels... Oh wait, I actually don't give a single shit.


You're down-voting a story because you disagree with a story-tag and you had your feelings hurt. Wow, I'd love to see where your priorities are if your house was burning down... would you complain that the fire engine sirens were too loud?

4029012 You know my uncle used to be a firefighter a long time ago, the first thing people would say was always the same: Coudn't you come any sooner?! Just a thing a wanted to share about fires and stuff. (I have 8 uncles just so you know)

Well now that took a turn I was not at all expecting, and I loved it. Would be awesome to see more along these lines but if a fantastic one shot it must stay that's fine too.:twilightsmile:

This was wonderful! I love the fact that it was only pseudo rape, I get this knot in my stomach that keeps me from going off when someone is genuinely in pain.

And yes, I read the ending before the story, just to be sure. :rainbowwild:


Well geez, way to ruin the "surprise"... Still I'm glad you enjoyed it, as awkward as it was to write this way.

I liked this story quite a bit. Surprise twist that, in all honesty, made me feel a bit better about the story in general. If you do decide to make this sort of thing into a series, I'll definitely be reading it. Best of luck with your future writing, I can't wait to read more!


Very nicely done. :twilightsmile:

I really liked this. I was a little like "oh no where's he going with this" for a bit, but the end made it all worth it. :heart:

Very nice surprise at the end. :3

I tweaked my comment a bit. Hope that helps, sorry if I ruined it for anyone else.
Oh yes, I definitely agree. More would be a delight to read!

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I would totally love with a followup on this, mainly on starshadow though, the idea of a filly sized mare is just asking for a CMC shenanigans story.


And shenanigans it would be, I can assure you. But first there's the little matter of scandalizing the entire town...

forgive my lack of understanding, but whatever do you mean by scandalizing the town? If she was a new pony in town, nopony would know who she was and treat her like a lost filly, which would of course provoke the cliche(?) "i'm not a child/filly". Alternatively, if you think it would fit her character, she could pretend to actually be a little filly for quite a while.

side note: I have no problem if a sequel is just a T/E rated story, I'm sure i can control my hormones for long enough to enjoy a nice comedy.


Not to give anything specific away, but let's just say this... Starshadow is very, very good at pretending.

Oh! I was actually just looking for confirmation that a followup was in the works, so you now have my follow.


I have another story I've been neglecting that I need to update, but yes I'm fairly certain this will become a mini-series as ideas come to me.

*blink* what a twist!

OOoh! ~Well played~

That... was a lot nicer then I expected it to be...

How wonderful! :pinkiehappy:

10/10. like and Favorite from me.

More foalcon bondage please, i really liked this, slightly disappointed at the end however, only cus i am a sick fucker who wish it wasn't roleplay.
any way great story, would have kept her gagged the whole time if it where me


Heh, I always love it when I get complaints about not going far enough. But yeah, if you want clop that stays dark throughout, you'll have to look to my partner/Master/lover...

Anyway, I think I can probably satisfy that need for more foalcon. As for foalcon bondage... we'll see.

uhh...there's no link to the artwork...at least not one that works.

...how do I look you up on InkBunny?


Yeah... Remember how I said this site is prudish? Yeah I can't link my account over there either. You'll just have to find me the hard way (it's really not that hard; I'm using the same handle...).

5744756 you could pm him (and me as well) the link, so that we can see. I do have an InkBunny account, so viewing should not be an issue

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If you upload the pic to Tumblr and then link it through there, it will show up.


Heh, sorry about that; I was just informed about Inkbunny's weird offsite filter... Anyway, it should work now.

random picture in my opinion, but still cool

I found it rather strange and jarring how you started to refer to Hard Cover as Black Quill. I understand that he wants to keep his name secret from Starshadow, but outside of her directly addressing him as such, there's really no reason for you to have changed his name during the narration.

You know, the title probably should have told me something about the fic's ending... but fuck titles. Who pays attention to them anyways?
At least this isn't like Cruel and Unusual where i'll feel like shit after reading it.

She then turned away from the nozzle, content to simply let the hot water rush over

Uh...unfinished line? What?

Also, 'Black Quill'? Whenever I hear (or, uh, read, since this is text, not audio) 'Black Quill', I immediately think of a wrongly-convicted samurai prosecutor with a pet hawk named 'Taka'. Perhaps that's just me...

I really enjoyed reading this. But is there ever a time when you don't enjoy reading clop? :raritywink: Well, I guess there's been a few awful ones, but most clop-fics are average-ish or good. But this is better than good. Very good for clopping to, and while I normally dislike foalcon, I loved this. And I love that twist at the end, you sneaky person. :rainbowkiss:


I've never been able to understand why people would go out of their way to read/view things that will trigger them, but I'm glad to hear you enjoyed this anyway.

He smiled down at her. His fillyfriend was one of the few ponies in all of Equestria that knew the truth about him, that beloved children's author Hard Cover and notorious clop writer Black Quill were in fact one and the same.

Honestly finding this out would be like finding out Dr. Seuss wrote 50 shades of gray.


Actually, based on how horribly inaccurate that story is to what BDSM is really like, I wouldn't be surprised if she secretly was Dr. Seuss...

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