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Oh, my! This was enjoyable. It reminds me of those stories that flooded Fimfiction a little while ago, the first was Twilight Sparkle's Bathroom Is Flooded with Semen, or something like that. I won't read the spoiler note, so I'll be surprised to find out who or what the target will be.

I read those. I think Twilight's fury might've caused some wet metaphorical pants, at the end there. That was Hilarious Agreed?

6113343 I need to go find and read the whole set of those some time. I only read the first. It was hilarious, though. Scoot and Dash here have similar potential (of course, with a different spin).

Oh god... this prank, jesus XD This will be interesting... very much so.

Good job.

Awww.... Oh, well. I guess.

You definitely should. I still don't know how I found them, though. Sorry, cause that means I can't help ya. Which sucks big time. As in 'Macaroni Monkey-cake' and 'Whale-box Balloon' suck-level.

XD favoriting this

FATALITY! Flawless victory!

Meanwhile over at Sweet Apple Acres, Granny Smith suddenly stirred as each window in the house shattered simultaneously. "What tha heck are those kids up to now?" she grumbled to herself.

Oh my god, why? XD hahahhahaha! yes! Just... so much yes.
Awesome job on this man, hehehe.


Not bad, not bad ^^

That was just cruel. If I were Rarity I wouldn't forgive this, ever!:twilightangry2:


Heh, yeah I wouldn't blame her either. But Rainbow Dash isn't exactly well-known for her incredible restraint...

stuck up bitch got deserved...jk

69 likes? Not touching that.

I agree. But, Generosity is a bit needy. Just.… not like that. Anyone agree?

Although, I do have to ask. Was there a motive? Please explain Dash's motive rather than yours or Rarity's, please. Thank you for writing it. I am just a teenze bit grateful.


Other than the fact that Rarity was by far the easiest to get a rise out of with this particular style of prank, I doubt there was much premeditation in this. Especially with all the debauchery over the several months it took to set this up...

Wait, there was little premeditation in a prank that took SEVERAL MONTHS TO DO?! How is that possible?!

6150312 I suspect it was a crime of passion through and through, so to speak. Tons of sexy fun to set up, and Rainbow didn't really care who it targeted until it was ready.

She totally deserved this for thinking her crappy high-society mannerisms somehow make her better than others =P

So far this is really good

♫ Some stay dry and others feel the pain ♫~

“Wait a minute...” Rarity’s features contorted in horror as the answer suddenly dawned upon her. “This is...!”

"This is cum!" It was marecum from Rainbow Dash & Scootaloo that Rarity notice from the wierd smelled rain.

“Wait a minute...”:duck: “This is CUM!”

*snickers in the background* :rainbowlaugh:

Opps my bad...*giggle*:scootangel:

RAINBOW DAAAAAAASH!:raritydespair: *sniffle* ...my beautiful creation.... WHYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?:raritycry:

Uhhh.....Rarity? What is that stuff all over you?:unsuresweetie:

Dude, just... just I'm wordless... this... this was amazing... and the prank... something I would do eyeup (or yeah.) (minus the whole I dated a filly thing, but with a mare definitely, or Human to be specific.) the exact same way. though I can't fault the funniness of this, however, I did find I minor error

She bent down, finding the filly’s lips once more, het tongue dominating the fatigued foal’s.

She bent down, finding the filly’s lips once more, het her tongue dominating the fatigued foal’s.

I'm going to review this now.

One word, "Amazeballs." I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Keep it up I think I have found a new favourite author, well done. No real negatives here.

Excellent Work.

Feedback Points.

Story - 33/40

Grammar and Punctuation - 9/10

Plot - 7/10

Erotic - 8/10

Characters - 9/10

Really if it was a few months in the making, that cloud would definitely had turned rancid at least, but otherwise LOL

Short but a great chapter! :twilightsmile:


Don't you tell me how my magical horse vaginas can and can't behave! If I say their marecum is somehow still impossibly fresh after months of sitting out in the elements, then dammit that's the canon!

Heh, glad you enjoyed it. I'm still kinda amazed nobody had done that before, at least as far as I could find.

She grinned again, knowing first hoof what that cloud was full of and the anticipation of adding to it again today...

No. You didn't just describe Dash as having-

Ah who am I kidding. You did.

 it was rare for somepony to allow another pony to mount them.

While it did occasionally happen, typically, it is reserved for a parent and child or very close special someponies; the latter was very much a private experience

Does this apply to dragon-riding-on-mare as well?
Twilight, you naughty mare~! :heart:

The filly fought down a blush and cleared her voice, forcing the excitement in her voice and body down before she finally spoke. “Of course Rainbow Dash. You know I would do anything for the coolest, most totally awesome fillyfriend ever!” She paused for a moment, her curiosity piqued as the question she had never considered before that moment came to mind. “So, um, what are we going to use this for anyway?”

To give each other nice hard squirts repeatedly:rainbowlaugh:!!!

“ Rainbow Da~~sh!!! ”

Rarity:pinkiegasp:! Language:rainbowlaugh:!!! A lady does not use such vulgar language:ajsmug:.

Her thoughts ground to a halt as she finally became aware of something... off about the water raining down on her. Curious, she sniffed at it. There was a slight sweetness to the falling rain, with just a hint of acidity; certainly a much stronger scent than rain water should have... Try as she might, Rarity couldn’t quite place what it was she smelled. It was so familiar though... It was maddening to the unicorn as she struggled to identify the rain...

“Wait a minute...” Rarity’s features contorted in horror as the answer suddenly dawned upon her. “This is...!”

You bette believe it is Rares:rainbowdetermined2:!!! You better believe it:rainbowlaugh:!!!

Bruh she got cummed on xd lol

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