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Microwaves be like:

I want a sequel

No one:

Holy shite, that was great! I really love how you made Thing be somewhat of a manipulative bitch. I am totally excited to see more if you are so inclined to make more. I must say I was very excited at the part where Blossomforth made an appearance. Stretching and flexibility is a bit of a fetish and fascination for me. It would be interesting to see Thing teach Blossomforth the "secrets of flexibility" which would actually just be Thing infecting Blossomforth and perhaps giving her body a flexible makeover. Could be an interesting story of Thing not killing her prey but instead just manipulating their flesh and perhaps keeping them as her subordinates and perhaps gifting them improved bodies if they are cooperative. Would be interesting to see Thing and Bloss become friends, well perhaps friends with benefits with a sub-dom relationship. Thing needs to expand her collection of flesh if she wants to take over the world.

Anyways, excellent story! I loved it!

No joke poaching allowed. Since this is your first infraction, I'll let it go. :P

I ain't poaching nothing. Its a well known meme and ill take part in MMMMMMMs all I want.



I swear, I'll write a sexy microwave if this keeps up.

Maybe. Depends on the commissioner.

If you do a story on a sexy microwave I might get so excited that I just MMMMMMMMMMM.

She should punish him by fusing an umbilical chord to his belly button and mutate his body into that of Anonfilly. Then lovingly give birth to him.


I need more!! :pinkiehappy::heart:

Excellent. I love me some sexy Thingpone.

Thing’s tentacles slithered across Anon’s body, one directly across his cute little human ass.

I am not sure if I should be scared about Anon's fate or aroused by it.

Scaroused it is!

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