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The description alone got me going (not THAT kind of going, perverts)

Well done! A fun little twist on the TwiLestia concept.


A sequel would be interesting. Or more chapters if possible. :pinkiehappy: But on another note I loved the story great job.

A sequel please and very addicting. :twilightblush:

Poor celestia needs her mare.

..My only question is..How will Luna react?

This story is hot right now. And it's not because it's been featured.. :raritywink:

Yes indeed, I would like to see more. Perhaps less of the 'fantasy' variety, if you catch my drift. :trollestia::moustache::trollestia:

Also, favourited and upvoted.

5181122 meant its good to read several times over and over sorry i am bad at writing at all. :fluttershyouch:

Given how many "Twilight writes secret porn staring herself and Celestia, that is inevitably mailed to Celestia by Spike after some comic mishap," fics there are turning it around and having Celestia as the porn writer is a good shake up. But what and who shall make her writings fall in Twilight's lap?

5183875 I didn't take it as an insult and my reply was a joke. You're fine, darling.:twilightsheepish:

5183687 Obesesstia Part 2: It's Not Rape If She Enjoys It

TheWraithWriter does not condone rape under any circumstances. Rape is bad and you should feel bad if you even think about it. If you rape someone, Celestia will find you and rape you back so hard your spine will shatter.

This announcement paid for by the WraithWriter Corporation
We will fucking find you

5183904 Sunset asks if she found Celestia's writings on her yet.

I wonder if Luna ever goes into Celestia's dreams. If she does, I'm sure she would regret it immediately.

5184006 I never said anything about rape! You misunderstand me, sir! And I am offended. I shall now retreat to my abyssal fortress to plot my thousand-year vengeance upon you and yours!

But seriously, you know I'm more of a romantic than that. I meant consensual magical horse-sex... Man, I have a problem don't I?

5184123 I know, I was just having fun.:twilightsmile:

Now where's my chapter three!?:flutterrage:

Ah Molestia, the day she left us the fandom lost one of its greatest objects of desire. Nice story by the way.

Well that was something. Not exactly fond of the idea of Twily having a cock but still a good story.

5184088 "Sister, what are you- MY FUCKING EYES!"

5302027 Many thanks to you both.:twilightsmile:

5350397 why does it say I've read this before? I do not recall reading this. Oh well. Into the deprived fantasies of my sister!!!:twilightblush:

5184088 I regret it every day

Did I not promise I'd read and comment on some of these?

But, in all seriousness, I really loved this. It was a rather fresh read, and I suppose it left me quite unsatisfied, reading this brought me the thought that perhaps reading clop is like masturbating. Sometimes you are able to finish, sometimes satisfied, sometimes not, while other times, you cannot finish. Usually, you are left with this thirst and yearning for more, which is what I feel with this story.

Just as it was getting good, it shut off on me, leaving me rather unsatisfied. Even though this is true, it is a good kind of feeling, as if I am a Mistress waiting for her pet to come out to greet her, to make her feel good.

The Mistress waits, therefore, Mistress reads more.

5700765 Writing is hard, but I shall endeavor to please Mistress.

I demand a sequel!

Eh. Not horrible, but not really impressive either.

Biggest thing I noticed throughout was that there's really not a lot of expansion or impact on key moments in the story. Things like "Celestia seeing Twilight's phallus for the first time" or "Twilight's orgasm" feel kind of glossed over over listed, like you just said "it happened" instead of setting us up for it, and then describe in vivid detail how it happened. For something like the unveiling of Twilight's cock, wow, that's a huge thing, right? Mares don't have cocks, and Celestia knows this. So to drive that point home, it would be awesome for us to get a paragraph about it. "This sentence says that Twilight has a cock. This sentence says how big it is (in comparison to something else). This sentence says what color it is. This sentence says how erect it is at the moment." You could probably dedicate a good five sentences just to that idea alone.
Same with the orgasm. You could dedicate 2-3 sentences to "here it comes, here it comes here it comes" then another 2 saying "BAM it happened, and it feels awesome!" then ANOTHER 2-3 saying "and here's what the afterglow feels like, in excruciating detail".

I think you were onto something when you compared Celestia's orgasm to stormy waves. I thought that was a good idea. Just feels like you stopped before it got anywhere impressive. The best analogy I can think of for this story is a salesman who says "Here, you should buy my product" rather than a salesman who says "Hi there, I'm gonna introduce you to a new idea, and that new idea is my product, now let me tell you all the things you can do with it and why you need it"

Then again, that's not really what most people here like. Most people like stuff that's short, easy to read, and with the mentality that the idea sells itself. So, I guess you actually wrote the best fic for fimfiction. Congrats. :twilightsheepish:

6145965 I have disappointed Cloperella-Senpai

I must do better.

You don't have to be an ass just because someone didn't say your story was perfect. If you can't handle some criticism, you shouldn't bother to write in the first place.

6147529 But I do want to do better.

I'm not trying to be an ass. Believe me, I'm super obvious when I am.

This was hot and sweet. Celestia has her lusty fantasies and cannot get Twi out of her mind. Both scenarios were so cute. One I even thought was real. I think, you could make a sequel, where Celestia might even try to find a way to make her fantasie real.

6490730 I'm working on a squeal. It's, ah... slow going.

Okay. I look forward to it.

6490743 Glad to hear that!

Perhaps the same could be said about all shippings

7021186 Not all. Some deserve to burn according to some people I have spoken too.

*cough* FlashLight mmhmm srry got something stuck my throat.

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