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This has all the trigger warnings, but if ya like good, solid, ghost and gore horror, that's what this is. Read at your own risk, and happy halloween! :heart:

You might want to put some more specific warnings in the description.

You know, I can't say I've ever read some genuine horror on this site, or in any book really, not even during Halloweens of past years, but this was pretty damn enjoyable. Granted, I was more freaked out by the ending than by the mare herself, but this still feels like a solid piece of work, and a beautifully done subversion of expectations. Well done!

I'm vaguely reminded of The Pact. It's snazzy when horror is mixed with murder mystery. I thought I had figured the twist out easily from the start, but then it does a one-eighty. Left me feeling better about the narrative than I did when I started.

It's probably rather redundant to say, but horror stories set in MLP could easily be re-configured to be non-MLP horror, what with the sort of necessity for forcing macabre into a kid's show. With the inclusion of VHS and the nature of the library featured in this fic, I'd say this could very well be transformed into an original scary story. Might be a good thing to slap on the back burner.

Thanks for sharing.

I really enjoyed this! :yay: Very spooky, very atmospheric. Very fitting for the season. Thank you for all the effort you put into it, Priest.

Happy Halloween! :heart:

Fuuuuck, this made me think back to the days where I had to rewind VHS tapes with my fingers. Hated that. Took forever.

This story was a good read though—if not a little what-the-fuckish. Didn't expect it to be the thing to start off Halloween for me.

Speaking of, happy aforementioned holiday to you all!

I really dig it. It's definitely a great story to read on Halloween.

The spoops! :rainbowdetermined2:

This was very good: tense, spoopy, satisfactory resolution. It’s a shame that not many peeps will do the take on scary where the scary thing is not necessarily evil. It is a very refreshing take on the genre.

None of this made much sense to me. I couldn't make heads or tails of this story; if I were any more lost, I'd need a GPS!

Was it really that hard to follow?

Yup. It felt like it was all over the place in most spots, so I could barely keep track of the events.


The mare was a homeless mare who used to come to the library before Tyrek destroyed it. When it went boom, she had nowhere to go and no money so she turned to prostitution. The stallion acting as her client refused to give her all the money and then when she wanted it, he sliced her up with the pair of black scissors. The video that Anon had is the same video as the pony took the recording of. The mare died of natural causes in the library and chose Anon to haunt. The police officer is the same as the one who assaulted her. When he came in the first time, he was making sure Anon was defenseless so he could kill him. The ghost gave him the tape and the same scissors she was butchered with to kill the cop and because of the tape, it would easily allow Anon's story to be found true.

So, how was it hard to follow? I'm trying to figure out why, not just that it just was.

Oh.....! Okay,now I get it.

Thank you so much for spoilering your text :heart: I hope you enjoyed it

Hooooly crap! That was good!

Fucking love this story, i could never find good dark scary stories.

What if i do?

Screw the po-po

[Applaudes in Spanish.] :rainbowderp:

Great story you have here, keep up the good work.:twilightsmile:

great story loved it:twilightsmile:

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