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Don't read my stuff if you have a weak stomach or are easily bothered by traumatic genitalia damage. That's seriously all I've got in here!

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This is gonna brie amazing


I wish I was French so I knew enough cheeses for puns.
I'd even go so far as to say that it makes me feel blue.

I don't even like cheese.

These puns feel a bit stilt(on)ed. When are we going to get some god-Edam originality around here?

Not bad, not bad! I'll try to be cheddar next time.

Of course it would brie something horrifying and funny. Pencil just feta disturbing story to all of us. None of these puns are gouda though. I think I'm going to go lay down, the room is spinning and everything is tinted a bit bleu.

Oh god, I made cheese puns. :facehoof:


what did I just read?!?!, this is weird... but decent.:eeyup:

Well...if we can get two buns, Anon can make himself a cheese sandwich~

7559509 Anon can't do anything since he died. He's six feet under and getting all gruyere and gross. :pinkiesick:

Damnit Pencil!

Why not just use her buns. :raritywink:

...I'm proud of you.

7559535 Well, at least I can blame this on my ex-wife's love of puns and my brain tumor. It's not me :rainbowlaugh:

LOL. Glad I'm not that guy. *Buys a life time supply of Ritz crackers*

Looks like Pencil made another sick fic, at least this one is Gouda for once and that it is sharp enough to keep me on my toes till the end. I cheddar on outta here before I stilt to stink up the place with my own cheesy spew.

The changeling queen is vomiting cheese whiz. You have been dreaming for such a story, didn't you?

I kept my secret allt he while. As long as they didn't know what was in me, what I was made of, they couldn't help finding me company delicious! I was damn near addictive, despite my cheap, horrible substance." So the biggest problem is that she is cheap cheese, not the fact she is a golem or invasion etc. But cheap cheese.

The way you killed him is one of the most absurd way to die. I am impressed and at the same time I feel sad. For one I had seen a good shipping and somehow I rooted for a happy ending. The way it ended was too tragic and absurd. This time I really feel sad.

Don't feel bleu. Love will always find a whey! :heart:

7559935 Not if they are dead

You underestimate necrophiliacs.

7560014 I hope not.

You are really good creating the shock: we get to warm up a character, like it then where usually happy ending comes, something really disturbing happens and we are left with a shock and mental trauma.

It is giving a person a puppy for a year then killing it in front of his eyes.

Why thank you.

I camembert these cheese puns!

The changeling queen is vomiting cheese whiz


Easy way it is then.

Glad to hear it! Easy is so much less stressful, after all!

Hey, that was different. She turned Spike into a teacup."
"I'd say that's an improvement."
"She pushed the teacup off a balcony and broke it!"

YES, YES! THERE IT IS! :rainbowlaugh:

Hey, I can't neglect my spike hate!

Spike, so far, has been smashed, torn apart, and traumatised. Now all you need to do is somehow have him eaten alive (or burnt alive)...

Oh, so that's why she's barfing cheeze whiz.

Already did eaten alive. ;)

wlam! You actually READ one of my stories?? I know they're absolutely not your cup of tea.

Well, I skimmed it, anyway. I look in your stories whenever I see them because I love reading the comments and I've been morbidly curious about the possible context of that ever since I read your user page. :rainbowlaugh:

Ah! Well here it is, the reason she's vomiting cheese. I'm sure no one is entirely surprised.


It IS a Pencil story after all.

RIP Anon.

You may have loved Cheesalis, but your body did not.

As a cheese lover, I am wounded.


i was warned before i read this, i was. i decided to ignore that warning, now i have no one to blame but myself....

Omg. It's even better than I hoped!

I finally read this! Yes! And it was so awesome!

I seriously thought he was allergic to cheese in the end there.

"Just walk around town and ask! Listen to ponies talk about her! She's not what she seems!!!"

Twilight, stop acting like your mentor and listen to your own friendship lessons, honesty and truth with no secrets should be your mantra!

they couldn't help finding me company delicious! I was damn near addictive, despite my cheap, horrible substance."

'my company' or 'me completely'

This has been an Haloumi-nating story I admit sheepishly!
(Have visited this dairy in holidays once, very interesting.)
She is queen of the blue changelings so Blue cheese must be her favourite.

This pic makes sense now!

Oh thank Faust, I thought he was going into anaphylactic shock!

Helluva strange premise for a story. Maybe you should've rennet by someone first.

Geez, everything is bad for your health these days. Sitting, skinny Jeans, love, processed cheeses. FUCK YOU SCIENCE!


*dons smartasshat*
Well, it's not like mimolette such a limburging inaccuracy go unadressed, so I maasdam you tilsit's fixed.
Don't dare claim you havarti-stical freedom here. You mozzarella strive for accuracy.
Lactose intolerance doesn't work like that. It seems tomme that the gruyeresome symptoms described would rather feta reaction of the allergic type. However, lactose is usually consumed in the making of cheese, so a reaction to milk protein would be more likely.
It might even brie that the allergen esrom the processing agents and not the actual cheese.

so ... is she sort of an inverse casu marzu?

Pretty sure that's not how lactose intolerance works, but gooda story none the less m8! Though it got a little cheese-y. But i did my best to motza-relish it.


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