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Don't read my stuff if you have a weak stomach or are easily bothered by traumatic genitalia damage. That's seriously all I've got in here!

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I cannot say anything

Yeah, that's pretty much my feelings on the matter too.


She'll love seeing this. Thank you.

...also, why is this already in popular...


Oh, go suck a ...hugs?


Only if you Milk a prostate!

Well, this was something.


Both of these are accurate and fair assessments.

Oh Jesus... I'll look at this after work

At your own risk, Flam. This one is...a bit of a minefield. If you go in, expect to lose some part of yourself. And not in the fun way.

I'm already dead inside; what more can this story take from me?

i dont believe you are sorry! XD



I am frightened to read this.

Author. Reassure me, please.

Wow, making friends is hard...

This made me feel sick, congratulations.

I'm scared.

For once I really, truly am. Because much of this wasn't my doing, but was hers. If it was all mine, you see, I wouldn't be sorry at all! :)

You will get no such thing from me. Well...ok...uh....the gore is...not as bad as it could be?

What shocks here said.

This is not how you make friends, literally. This is more of a jury rig and... I mean oh noes this is horrible and scary and stuff. I'm going to use ancient family secret and run away.

You know what? Pinkie could have use alchemy, the mirror pool, bake a pony to life (from raw dough), get pregnant or fucking pretend. But let's slap shit on the human works. Sort-of.


What kind of upper limits are we talkin here? Like, gorey? Really gorey? Really really gorey? On a scale of 1-to-Really-Gorey, what magnitude would you assign it?

These are the important things to know.

Really, think like 4. The blood is minimal, and the gore shown is...more conceptually distressing than actually bloody carnage.

The heck did I just read?

You're all kinds of stupid aren't you? What part of "I will not look and acknowledge your worthless replies" do you not seem to get? Dumbass.

7561939 Your the one who keeps commenting my dear! All you have to do is ignore me if you don't like me. Is that so hard? :heart:

I approve of this.

Dear anonpencil,

I have now learned that you are a person worthy of eternal death in hell for the sin you have committed unto us, your friends.

You have just withheld from us this gem of literature mined and polished from the mind of an angelic being, Skittletits, for a year.

All hail you and Skittletits for bestowing unto us the splendid tales that this wretched world needs.

May your dick and her tits combine and work together in harmony until the universe is baptized in your majestic union, bathing everyone who believes in you with showers of divine liquids.

All of this I pray unto Skittletits through the name of anonpencil,


Did they... Did they just turn someone into a Silent Hill monster? :pinkiegasp:

Oooooh! That's the SECOND time someone has told me I deserve death this week! And it's only Wednesday!

If someone wishes your death,
That you breathe your last breath,
They're sure your corpse would be really juicy
To be their cocksheath.

What's a Skittletits story?

Oh my god, I'm sorry for these comments.

My sleep-deprived mind amuses itself by making people cringe so hard their faces implode on itself.

You know.

The feeling when you tell your mom that you love her but she answers that she sees you only as a friend.

i crie evrytiem

Oh my god, I'm so sorry.

Well, this wasn't bad at all. I quite liked it.

I believe you two should work together more.

I dunno if I should congratulate you or curse you for your absolute depravity...
This just gave me chills as I read it, that they would.... there are very few words for this. All of them may get me banned.
I highly enjoyed this thank you :pinkiecrazy:

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