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I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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Wow. Just. Wow.

Did not see this coming at all!!

I thought it was interesting and very hot.

I would like a sequel of this with the rest of the Pie sisters please:pinkiehappy:

Um question, Is Pinkie a young filly pony and Anon a human?. If so then doesn't this break the rules of underage sex between humans and ponies?. Last time I checked, only other ponies can do it with Fillies/colts and foals, not humans and anthros.

It's human on feral, all good.

more more more more more more more more more more more more more more

Feral? as in like a wild animal?.

Ok, lemme break it down
It's human on pony.
There is no anthro in this, so it's permitted by the sites rules.
She's a pony, that's all there is to it!

So underage pony is ok but not human or anthro?. This is why I find the rule weird and sometimes hard to follow.

Finally been looking for some good humanx pinkie now just need one that's longer with more story to it

You can have underage pony on pony, anthro, or human
You CAN'T have underage anthro or human ANYTHING

Them's the rules

Comment posted by PuzzleMaster98 deleted Sep 11th, 2019

To my limited knowledge
The rule/ban stands only for under aged humans humanized characters or anthropomorphic children

Pony-filly pony-colt or dragons (of the show)
Are free of the ban

Kinks Include: Female on Male...


...Male on Female...

Oh, hell yeah! Now we're talking!

>How it feels to see foalcon land on the frontpage featured list.

Wait, so does this mean that anon is gonna have a go with the other Pie sisters? Even Maud?

“Yeah, hope it’s one of the…” Anon started saying, but then stopped. ‘ One of the other girls …’ he thought to himself.

Yes, make this a little series with the other sisters, plz!

It's because of Adsense. That's literally the only reason.

That’s nice for shadowing that means we’re gonna have a sequels and I bet you that she knew what he was doing because she said when you’re done

There's some parts where it could use a little more proofing. While it is primarily in past tense, there are parts -- such as at the very beginning -- where it is in the present.

That aside, it's an entertaining story. Although... I'm a little suspicious. I can't quite tell if Pinkie is actually as naive and innocent as she acts, or if she actually wanted all the sex stuff to happen, and was just acting.

Ah good to see pedo’s can land front page and not get banned by the site


In all seriousness, this isn't the worst thing Leech has written.

It's actually surprisingly tame.

Considering that headless_rainbow was on it, this fic is but a happy spring day full of rainbows and sunshine in comparison to the real depravities, my sweet summer child. :pinkiecrazy:

overclocked Stellarator (google it).

What's a Stellarator? :scootangel:

Ok, this comment gave me giggle.

Yes, I may write some very questionable material, but at least I try to keep most of it fun and relatively lighthearted.

No, they're all mine, I want to have the suicide monster peen. Also, hi, your reply surprised me.

I think he is talking about the one from the 4x game: masters of Orion.
I beleive it's meant to convert 100% of matter into energy (which is a stupidly high amount when blowing up planets.)

It's a type of fusion reactor.
Yes, there are different configurations of those thingies!

9829106 So when can we expect to see more of these?

Anon enjoying some Pretty Pink Pony Pussy and on top of that Pinkie is a foalita! you are my hero.

A continuation of this is now firmly cemented in the "to do" pile

As with many of my projects, I prefer to test the waters before I commit myself to a series.

Hey bud, you do you. I don't think anyone can actually get more depraved/degenerate than an Anonpencil/Flutterpriest story, but you get close sometimes!

:moustache: Had an idea similar to this a while ago. Though this is top notch, I'll also throw my word into the, "write the rest" pool.

“Nonny, what are we gonna do on the bed?” she cooed, peering up at him.

boi, i see dat


Good to see you read the description and still clicked on the story anyway.

Anon you blind fool she new what you two were doing

That was awesome I hope it has a sequel with the other three sisters.

I approve of filly-kissing.

You kidding? I was all aboard when it was female-on-male, but male-on-female? What a crock of shit. If I went soft any faster from that, my dick would have gone inside-out. All of my downvotes.


i thought he was soo busted xD
there are at least 3 more chapters possible one for each. and i know you make awesome story's so please :)

Sequels required. The sisters included of course, but with it ending of Cloudy catching him, and then admitting to him she knew exactly what he was doing from the beginning, yet approved.

No idea why you're getting downvoted. I don't think sarcasm is a language spoken by many here.

She knows!:pinkiehappy:

Great products leave some questions unanswered to keep the viewer entertained and more engaged in the story, for example: inception

Where's the follow up with the other fillies?

Is this site made out of 100ppl, or is it just leech beeing popular in here? I halted my dadonequus book 2 reading for: Diaries of a Madman. Im almost finished and cant wait to get back to the silly, more cartooney version of anon

Hello there, long time no see

As much as i like sequels, i don't think the rest will be as entertaining as the first one. I can see 1 possibly better chapter with a slutty, demanding limestone, but other than that I have no more ideas. Mind that i'm not very creative. Ieech may suprise me with a better chapter, can't take his stories for granted.

I really wonder when will the politicians discower this side of the internet. Imagine how much of a scandal it would be if news got interested in this kind of stuff. On the other hand it'd be like a giant free exposure...
Love your work:heart::raritywink:

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