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"orbis nostri praecepta nostra"

Welp we did it, we created something REALLY screwed up

This was free real estate for Priest's words.

There's something wrong with you.

There's many things wrong with flutterpriest.


Um, guys - whatever you are smoking... you may want to put it away for a while :unsuresweetie:



In that case... can I have some too :unsuresweetie: ?

With the chapter title and the tags list, I was kinda expecting Reaper to show up and DB in the middle of Ponyville or something, but I am vastly more entertained by what I got.

I have witnessed something.

Excuse me, but half of those warning tags don't apply to this story's content. I'm not sure what tags actually would, mind you, given how insane this is, but still.

Some people just want to watch FiMficton burn.
And then there's this motherfucker.

Because angels deserve to die.

We observe what thou hast performed here.

Some days there is not a single "Why?" to be had. The search for more crack continues without meaning and without end.


The only thing this thing is missing is
> be the story
> not be written like this
> dafuq.gif
> 4edgy5u

Me Neither.


This was good. I needed THIS level of "Da fuq?" right now. I was laughing all the way through this.

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