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Personally, I'm not surprised that your prologue is 2,127 words long. Seems small for a prologue to me, actually, given that mine is 3,907.

Been looking forward to this for a while. Finally, the tables have turned and the roles have changed. We get to see Kris in the driver's seat, to use a metaphor. :pinkiehappy:

See you around!

Well well, this looks promising. A damn good start for your first, looking forward to more.

It is a good start for the story, though I keep getting this feeling that Allegro is a tad bit cynical, though it seems she has been burned a few times so that is understandable.
I felt the pace is good so far, but other than the cynical feeling I was also feeling a hint of...well its kind of hard to say but it was not something good. I look forward to seeing where you take this story

I have a story with this title too :rainbowkiss:
That's the main reason I clicked it :derpytongue2:
I am still pleased with this. :heart:

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Hmm, I can think of a few things. But hey, nice job with this chapter and what Camel said: Definitely worth the wait.

Double entendre, accidental? Or purposeful? Let's see just how screwed Allegro is... in the next chapter.

Thanks Kris!

3488505 3489402

Well, with any luck the next chapter won't be as long and convoluted writing it as this turned out to be, so hopefully I'll have a slightly faster turnaround... Anyway, if you've been paying attention, you should know that everything I say/write has multiple entente...

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Oh no! She's gonna eat her! And then she's gonna eat me!


oh dear....this is either gonna get really good or really bad

Well well that was saucy. I do hope we haven't seen the last of Dew Prism, that could get interesting. Incoming awkwardness ahead!


Now why oh why would I let such an interesting character as Dew Prism disappear after that entrance? Just think of all the other terrible/wonderful things she could do to our little heroine...

Oh the things she could teach.......

Fucking amazing, Lass! You earned Equestrium's Seal of Approval!

If I had one made... :fluttercry: (i'll make one soon!)

I'm just gonna say right now that this is what I've been looking for in originality and sensuality for quite some time in a foalcon fic! Other works of art are mud out back behind the house compared to this orgasm-inducing work of absolute art and splendor! You've certainly earned every upvote and favorite that you'll get!

You're welcome to RP with me at any time, Lass. :rainbowdetermined2:


... Something about Smug Dash makes me break out in hives... It's awesome.

Also, thanks for the support. The decision to go "public" with this wasn't an easy one, but it's good to know somebody other than me is enjoying this so far.

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God, the joke that this is based off of...I hear it so much from people making fun of marching band. Still...I use it quite often


I really debated the title for days with myself, because yeah that's a little tired now. But... well, there's a joke coming up in a later chapter that I wanted to do so badly that I overlooked all the reasons I should try to think of something more clever...

3663252 you actually havent given it a bad name. Hehe....See what I did there?
But I'm writing a couple of short little chapters for a story that I'm gonna call "This One Time at Band Camp..." and it's gonna be based off of my experiences in band camp


Heh, nice. Anyway, that sounds mildly amusing, though I imagine it hardly measures up to the experiences I'm drawing from in writing this story...

3663278 Yeah, but they sure will be amusing as hell. There's also going to be a lot of references to games that I play, as well as songs that I learned for marching band, including "You Give Love A Bad Name"
It was our first parade tune for this year, and it was the first song in my band's half time show last year

when you say ive fallen in love with you and you ask me how far have i dropped? i say so far the light cant be seen from where im standing


Heh, don't you worry your pretty little head, my precious, you will learn to love the darkness I've sewn, just as I have...

May I inquire how the next chapter is coming along?


"This One Time, at Flight Camp..." Chapter 3.

Current Status: ... Nuzlocke'd.

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4034234 Are you currently focusing on new stories rather than updating this one? I see you have already put out one of those stories you posted about in your blog entry. You did a good job on the first chapter of that story by the way.


Thanks for the support of my other works. Right now I'm kind of on the fence as to whether to get back to work on this before or after finishing "Darkest of Nights". I'm kind of leaning towards this, but this story's at kind of an odd juncture because of all the OC's I need to start working in now that the main story area is coming into play.

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