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Good gravy, the feels! [NY Times article] · 4:25pm Mar 9th, 2016

There seem to have been a lot of interesting things in the news back 2 or 3 years ago about pedophilia. Here's another article (link).

Note that the article is misleading in that it attributes the orientation mostly to men while there's still very little research about pedophile women. It also draws conclusions based on research done on a clinical or prison population which heavily skews things like IQ and cerebral white matter.

I won't highlight much of this one, but the following part stuck out to me especially.

For many pedophiles, a fundamental part of life will always be a shameful secret.

In his late teens, Christiano taught gymnastics and supervised hundreds of young girls. He fasted at work to distract himself from his erotic feelings.

"My hand never slipped," he said. "There were students I loved and adored. In a perfect world, I could sweep them off their feet and live happily ever after."

In this world, however, he has tried to commit suicide three times, he said.

In 1999, he stepped into a federal sting operation when he ordered pornography. He avoided prison but was permanently added to the Illinois sex offender registry.

Once lauded in the Chicago press for his promise as a dance choreographer, Christiano now lives off unemployment, help from his parents and low-paying jobs. He has lost apartments and jobs because of his felony.

"PEDO PIECE OF GARBAGE," read one of many emails he received after an activist group posted a notice about his case online.

His mother, Jennifer Christiano, said that as far back as she could remember, he had always been different from other boys — an odd and creative soul who loved to perform and seemed to worship his female classmates.

"I can't tell you how hard it is," she said. "He's my only child. He'll never truly be happy. He'll never have someone he can truly love and who can love him back."

My mother hugged me after my therapist broke confidentiality during my teen years to tell her that I was a pedophile. She said that the therapist told her to give me a hug. Though I don't doubt she loved me then and still does today, I still wonder how she really feels about my primary orientation.

Now, for something a little silly and more lighthearted:

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You can't help how you feel.
You can help not act on it,
But you can't help how you feel.
I like you Flutterpony, I like you just the way you are.

Flutterpony, even if we haven't talked much (at least on a personal level) and even if you are understandably reluctant to start now,..

I admire you.

I mean, sure, many would say I could find better models about anywhere else and maybe that is true, but I can't help but look up to you. You are a man with a similar condiction as mine, and that is more than I ever will be.

I hope your mother does not let your primary orientation influence your opinion about you too much. Mine sure tries her hardest to deny.

3799447 3799371 Y'all are awesome!

3799447 I'm sure I could be a better person to look up to, but I could also be a much worse person to look up to. :twilightsheepish:

Wait your therapist what? What kind of therapist did you have?

In a perfect world, I could sweep them off their feet and live happily ever after.

I don't know if I buy this, which leads me to question how much insight he actually has into his situation.

Specifically, children are people. But children are also a temporary condition of being people. If he's only oriented toward children, he's only going to be romantically attracted toward someone for a very limited time. That's unfortunate, but it's almost more of a fetish than an orientation.

Unless he somehow would stay in love with somepony as long as he loved them when they were a child—but in that case, he'd be able to wait, no?


Yeah, that was my thought, too. They don't stay 7-to-11 forever.

I also don't get this bit, "...he said he has never molested a child, but after five years of state-ordered therapy..."

How did the state get involved if there wasn't any crime? Are they allowed to mandate therapy against your will just for having certain thoughts? It wouldn't surprise me, given the state of the world, I suppose.

Maybe it was for child porn, which is a law that disgusts me deeply. Pictures. Pictures that allegedly reveal that you have some kind of wrong-think. Therefore you have to be thrown into a place where actual rape will probably happen to you--not just some fantasy in someone's head--not some photograph of a crime long passed. Actual rape. That's what society thinks they deserve for having wrong thoughts.

Let's be fair, he was caught in a sting giving money in exchange for child pornography. He believed that he knowingly contributed to a market that abuses large numbers of children. That should be illegal.

Nobody should be punished for someone else's crime. There's no way you apply this reasoning to other situations. People indirectly 'contribute to markets' for bad things all the time and nobody suggests imprisoning them.

Paying money to see images of abused children increases the likelihood of further abuse of children. Even spreading the images freely facilitates a demand for more images. There's a reason child pornography is illegal, and it's a very good reason.

I don't think drawings or paintings should be illegal (like they now are in the US), but if trading actual photographic child pornography were legal, the incidence of child abuse would go through the roof. It just can't be allowed. Using the fruit of a serious crime for self-gratification furthers that crime and is completely unethical. :applejackunsure:

If you want to argue about whether or not the production of child pornography is injurious to the children, that's a separate issue. But you can't fairly denounce sex with children if you won't denounce the distribution and usage of kiddie porn.

There are a lot of free venues for that sort of thing that would avoid building the business of child exploitation, but even those are mixed with a lot of abuse imagery about which I'm too conflicted to give any comment.

On the other hand, there are child model organizations that offer nude and erotic poses, all while compensating the children's families and trying to make the children comfortable. Some studios offer more than that, though I don't know how much more.

On the other other hand, maybe this Cristiano fellow sought out something darker. In any case, I have to consider the severity of his crime ambiguouse without more detail, but unwise without question.


I don't think drawings or paintings should be illegal (like they now are in the US)

Yeah they're illegal here in Canada, too. Sometimes it feels like my country invented the thought crime. Glad there's no debate on that one, because it's even more absurd.

but if trading actual photographic child pornography were legal, the incidence of child abuse would go through the roof.

Come on, let's be reasonable. You say "Paying money to see images of abused children increases the likelihood of further abuse of children," and that seems like the sort of thing that could be investigated, but, "through the roof?" That will take more than just a bald assertion to be persuasive.

But it's a side discussion. If there are some folks out there who think the ends justify the means, then that sort of thing may be relevant to them, so I encourage others to talk about it if they want, but I don't think that the ends justify the means, myself. It's wrong to punish someone for the crimes of others.

Perhaps you already agree with me, and I might be able to tease that out of you if I haven't scared you off yet. Let's look at a few other areas where there's a mass market for something, and it results in some kind of misery.

Here's an example. Prank videos on social media are getting really popular. Advertisers even pay the creators of these videos, so there's a great market for aspiring pranksters to get involved and try to make a name for themselves, and we're starting to see a spate of pranks 'gone too far,' where people are getting arrested or seriously hurt. I hope you agree with my principle here, though, that no matter what happens as a result of the market, it is wrong to start imprisoning people for watching prank videos, even the ones that 'go wrong,' and hurt somebody.

Another example buying used goods. Everyone knows a certain percentage of the items are stolen, and every time you buy something, you're directly contributing to a market that leads to theft. The harder it is to move used goods, the harder it is to be a thief. But hopefully you agree with my principle that no matter what happens as a result of the used market, it's unjustifiable to imprison people for the crime of shopping at a pawn shop.

I don't bring up these examples to try to draw some sort of strong parallel between pedophiles and people who watch prank videos or who buy used goods. I just mean to point out that there is a moral principle at play here, that most people agree with in every situation except child pornography: you don't punish someone for somebody else's crime. It's wrong.

If you want to argue about whether or not the production of child pornography is injurious to the children, that's a separate issue.

That was going to be my line. No disagreement there. Definitely a separate issue.

You could even eliminate that ambiguity, if you want to keep it from confusing the issue, and have it be images (CCTV footage, maybe?) of adults being violently raped. Now there's no way to claim that it wasn't an injurious act. It would be plain to see. I would assume that makes it worse than non-violent child porn, in your view? Perhaps you'd seek an update to the law, because those images aren't currently illegal, to my knowledge.

3800096 I think it depends on whether he would stay in love. If he would, and it were, as he suggested, a perfect world (where parents could be supportive and there'd be no need for secrecy among other things) then I don't see any reason for him not to sweep a girl off her feet.

I'm torn when it comes to temporary sexual relationships. I don't know whether my experience with marriage and my conservative background are enough to claim that lifelong commitment is the correct and only way. The alternative seems risky at best, even if exclusive pedophiles were to end romantic relationships on a happy note with a lasting close friendship.

In our current culture, I think that child porn, even stuff that appears to be mutually enjoyed, is too risky, not just for the producers and consumers, but for the children, as long as that child's life might be upended through iatrogenic interference.

I can get offended sometimes by people who are happy with the legal prohibition on child porn, but I hope I didn't give anybody the impression that because I think it should be legal, that must mean I like it, or want to see more of it, or think it's good for children.

I definitely do not like it. I actually find it pretty repugnant, if it involves prepubescents. (Just how I feel... I'm not casting judgements on others who may enjoy it.)

But, to respond to you directly, as for whether it's likely to be mutually enjoyed or have bad consequences for someone's emotional health... I guess I don't know. I'll leave that up to the scientists to work out. I'll defer to what you said. My intuition tells me that it's horrible and I definitely would not allow any child of mine to participate in anything like that, but who knows. I've been surprised before.


On the other hand, there are child model organizations that offer nude and erotic poses, all while compensating the children's families and trying to make the children comfortable.

Most of those studios also sexually abuse the children for private customers. From what I've heard, a lot of the most well-known models end up in actual child porn as well. The studios will get away with whatever they're able to.

So it's a nice idea, but anything that's quasi-legal isn't going to be well-regulated. And if it's not well-regulated, the kids are going to get abused. It's an unfortunate fact.

Yes. Images of adults being violently raped are, in fact, illegal pretty much everywhere. It's criminal evidence, and it perpetuates the abuse of the victims being portrayed.

It just doesn't come up very much because the market for adult rape imagery is much smaller than the market for child rape imagery.

Oh. I wasn't aware of that. I wonder why we need child porn laws, then. Why don't they just charge people with "having a picture that is criminal evidence?"

Seems like all the more reason to strike it off the books, if it's already illegal under another law.

3800396 I think I recall you've said you're not into kids before. I really appreciate your openness to these topics regardless. I have no scientific source for my conclusions about the harm that willingly produced child pornography might or might not cause under various circumstances, but the law and social consequences preclude much in the way of positive or neutral outcomes. Even incidents that are never reported still burden all involved with secrecy and shame. Even if that stress can't be blamed on child porn producers, I don't know how producers could responsibly distribute that content unless their government were to offer them and any willing child participant protection (which is unheard of afaik).

3800404 Though I'm not sure how I feel about it morally, intellectually (and hormonally) I'd love to see even one government anywhere close to establishing carefully regulated child pornography production and distribution. There'd be so much to learn.

Currently, desperation drives even strong individuals to compromise their standards, and anger builds against the system so that some pin the blame on the laws or society even while they make things worse. I might fall into this category myself at times with some stories I've published, but I hope there's at least some redeeming artistic quality or emotional value to my horse smut.

3799831 Sorry I forgot to respond until now. I meant to much earlier.

The therapist was a psychologist that I saw at my own request in order to deal with emotional issues, mostly depression and anxiety, but also loneliness.

Professionals are required by law to report certain things to parents, to potential victims, or to police. I had no specific target individual, plan, or timeline, but I had admitted that I could see myself maybe getting involved with a girl. I was no legal risk, but, like thoughts of self harm or suicide, my thoughts warranted my counselor to tell a parent.

Whether it was the counselor's intention or not, it did save me from a lot of doubt about my relationship with my mother, especially down the road. So really, I can't help but be grateful.

3801388 Well at least you're happy with the outcome, that's the important thing in the issue.


Yes I'm definitely into adults, but adults as young as 16. It's perfectly legal where I live to have any kind of consensual relationship with a 16-year-old, but there are some who think that makes me some kind of deviant none the less, so I do have a pony in this race, so to speak. These issues do affect me.

So I can feel your pain to some degree, but it's true, I'm not a pedophile.

Edit: I say 'any kind of consensual relationship,' but there's an exception. It's legal to marry a 16 year old, it's legal to have sex with a 16 year old, but if you take a photograph of having sex with your 16 year old wife... prison for you! Probably prison for both of you if she takes the picture.

3802202 I waffle frequently in my opinion of the laws surrounding sex and pornography with younger people. It's not easy for me to come to any stable conviction about what's right and wrong.

You're a comrade here as long as you want to be one.

Hey, did this blog cause Flutterpony to get banned? Because I haven't seen her on since.

4358637 Flutterpony is indeed banned. I know because I'm friends with him on discord. and just thought i'd let you know that Flutterpony is actually a guy. thought you should know. :)

Hey Flutterpony you got more than 300 follo...
4365887 So Flutterpony isn't a hot woman going on 30 with a love of /ss/?! FUCK!

RIP in peace, my sweet pedo prince. You will be missed.


Whatever happened with Flutterpony?

He got banhammered into oblivion is what happened, man. Hardly deserved it if you ask me.


Why'd he get banned?

I mean from the times I talked to him in comment sections and via PM's he was a pretty cool dude. I mean the only thing I could ever say against the guy was adding a Christian analog into his FlutterBelle fic wasn't a really good call. And that's only an artistic disagreement, rather than anything against him as a person. The guy was pretty chill and a decent writer. I can't think of why he'd be banned to oblivion.

From what I've heard, he posted a link to a flash game that contained nsfw underaged material in the Foalcon group. He's also been temporarily banned before that, so that was pretty much the final straw.


Ah yeah, that'd do it. But that does suck, honestly that's one rule the site doesn't mess around with. You can make Foalcon fics, and you can even have NSFW images in a fic's image (well at least you used too, haven't checked if that's still allowed for that last bit), but the site's been pretty strong on it's stance to not post NSFW links and images outside of that.

Still sucks, he was a good writer.

sdo is he gone for good?

He's done for at Fimfiction. He of course still has a Derpibooru and a Discord group you could find him on.

ok but dose he still write? he was a great writer

Uh not that I'm aware of.

Antiquis temporibus, nati tibi similes in rupibus ventosissimis exponebantur ad necem.

So, what’d you do to get yourself banned?

And a little something for you and all other pedophiles to think on. When your child spouse is no longer a child, will you dump them to go find another child lover to replace them?

Do you have a link to where we can contact him or see his latest work?

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