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Free 1k fic request to the first who joins Write Club and volunteers to do the same. · 12:33am Dec 24th, 2015

Check out Write Club's FIGHT thread here. The prompt must be under 100 words, but otherwise may be as specific as you like. Be sure to read the rules on the group's front page.

It's gonna go fast, probably. I don't care what I get. It might end up being non-foalcon. 1k words shouldn't be too bad even if you hate your prompt.

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Joined the group...
I would just like to see a couple fics updated lol

3639182 Oh, I know you would, but I expect the chapters for those will exceed 1k words. :raritywink:

3639193 no new chapters coming... :applecry:

3639212 I'm at 3780 words for the latest chapter of FA. I'm not sure, but it might finish around 4000 unless I want to not let it end on a cliffhanger.

Edit: I guess that's a non-answer. How about this... I'll try to publish the latest chapter before new year's. No guarantee of course.

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