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Whoever you are, thank you. · 1:48am Dec 3rd, 2015

Over the past several months, I've been flattered to receive at least one downvote on almost every post I make, usually in the Foalcon group and on my profile and sometimes on blog comments, but also in various other groups. Often, this downvote is followed by a balancing upvote by somebody else. I don't know for certain whether the same people are responsible for either, but it lets me know I'm worth looking at, and I feel special because of it, so, whoever you are, thank you for the diligent downvotes and upvotes!

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Haha, yeah. I do that sometimes. I didn't ever do that for you though, so don't look at me if you ever think of someone who up and down votes your blogs.

3588471 Someponies out there care.

3588500 Yeah, some do indeed. This one poor guy always get's his stories and stuff downvoted on purpose, at the same time, So I usually go and upvote all of them.

3588514 That's considerate!

3588557 Mildly, it's just manners, and it's also kind of rude of me. But I like to anyway.

Aw. I want a stalker, too.

3588968 I'm really not all that interesting -- just your typical Chirstian, pedo-activist, brony author family man.

Huh, weird that you say that now. It happened to me too that a few comments on my profile were downvoted recently, without anything in it that could possibly upset anyone.
Seems like FIMFiction.net is currently raided by a troll who thinks that's funny.

3589796 I think it's someone who ain't to happy with our likings in fan fiction. You know how some people on here react to our foalcon group after all.


Aaaaand my comment got downvoted! YAY! :scootangel:

That might be true for Flutterpony, but I haven't made known that I'm into Foalcon all that much so far.
Except..... TheAbyss is stalking us and downvotes our comments.
With how much on a high horse she sits and with how much she thinks she's superior in her holy crusade against us sinful, sinful Foalcon lovers, I would not put it past her to start something like that.
She is insane and delusional enough to do that.

It's the little things that make life great. Little downvotes, little upvotes, little small horse pussies.


And first and foremost little Crusader horse pussies. :rainbowwild:

Well it must be foalcon related since I'm getting downvotes now! Yay! :yay:

Yeah that's very true, going beyond crazy to try vilifying us. Shame she seems to be very hypocritical...

I wonder what her fellow foalcon hating fans think of this: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/298588/squeaky-clean-fun#comment/6611714

It's a fic that's actually in our folders and here Abyss comments on how they liked it despite it saying it contains "sex between minors" :facehoof:

Guess you gotta be a Twining fic in order to escape their hatred of foalcon.

Now this is a comment I can get behind! :rainbowwild:
Just like I can get behind a filly!

3590835 :twilightsmile: It's good to see she seems to be softening toward the genre, or at least accepting a broader definition.


Hahaha, oh my god! :rainbowlaugh: There she is, our little mistress who hates on something so innocent as foals having consensual sex and then she reads a Foalcon fic herself and likes it! :rainbowlaugh:
Looks like Foalcon is only okay if it is about her OTP. :trixieshiftright:
Man, what a hypocrite..... Definitely screenshotting these comments now in case she's ever deleting them. :scootangel:

Edit: http://i.imgur.com/aEEGvAt.jpg

We can only hope eh?

Yeah I came across them randomly after just glancing at the fics comments. Yeah may need preserving just in case.

Makes you wonder if you sent her Twining foalcon, would she read it? Maybe though up the ante and do something like a Twining x Applemac foal orgy, maybe them swapping partners. That could get her used to other foal ships. It's all baby steps after all :raritywink:


Applemac as in Applebloom x Big Mac? Or Filly Applejack x Big Mac?
I would be all up for the former one! :3

I was thinking filly AJ and colt Big Mac, since its similar to a foal Twining ship. Would also make sense since they would all be similarly aged at the same time.


I'm almost tempted to write such a fic now and to send it to her. Slowly converting her to the dark side. :derpytongue2:

3591065 Thanks for the shots!


You're very welcome! :scootangel:


I didn't consider that story foalcon.

TwiShine is not my OTP :P. As you can see in your screenshotted comment, I say that everyone has their own definition of foalcon. I gave the story a chance and saw that, while Twilight technically was under 18, the author wrote it in such a way that it did not put emphasis on how Shining wanted to fuck a young filly. The author pointed out that "She was a mare" so that was good enough for me.

And you need not worry, I am not going to delete those comments. I enjoyed the story, and it would be rude to the author to delete my comments from the story. I stand by what I said, and even if you do not believe me, you forgot to include this comment here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/298588/squeaky-clean-fun#comment/6611770 where I say the author did a great job on the story.

I don't see how you can. I blocked you after you left that particularly nasty comment from you on my story. You brought up an issue that had already been laid to rest weeks after everyone had settled down, decided that I was 100% in the wrong, then left a multi-paragraph comment attacking me. That comment was completely uncalled for, and I will not tolerate such things.

And to think... none of this drama would have happened if my story was simply not re-added to the group.:facehoof:


Look who we got here..... Our little hateful mistress who comes to comment on her own hypocrisy. :ajsmug:
That you answered here confirms more than anything that you are hypocritical, you know that?

I didn't consider that story foalcon.

You ignore that it's sex between two foals. Got it.

As you can see in your screenshotted comment, I say that everyone has their own definition of foalcon.

"It's not Foalcon, because I like the pairing of Shining Armor and Twilight!" Got it.

I gave the story a chance and saw that, while Twilight technically was under 18, the author wrote it in such a way that it did not put emphasis on how Shining wanted to fuck a young filly. The author pointed out that "She was a mare" so that was good enough for me.

I see. You heard her, guys. The next time you write a fic where Rainbow Dash, or Twilight, or whatever adult pony has her sexy fun with Scootaloo's delicious, ten year old little filly pussy, describe her as "mare" once at some point in the story.
That's the magic word that makes The Abyss magically forget that she hates Foalcon. :rainbowlaugh:

You brought up an issue that had already been laid to rest weeks after everyone had settled down, decided that I was 100% in the wrong, then left a multi-paragraph comment attacking me. That comment was completely uncalled for, and I will not tolerate such things.

Awww. :fluttershysad:

That's life, my dear, hateful mistress. You acted like a dick and you still do and if you act like a dick, you got to live with the consequences, young lady.
And I correct you, the issue had not been laid to rest. You caused a rift in the Foalcon group, got Flutterpony fired as an admin there and got him driven into exile (an exile that, ironically, runs much better than the original place, cause everypony followed him after Stormhoof decided to join you in being a dick, of course you didn't reckon with it that it would come that way, bad luck missy), all because of your selfishness and your false feeling of superiority.
Hate will sow more hate. Thanks to your selfish and arrogant actions, this will never be truly over.

3591887 I'm curious, why do you assume the most absolute worst of me?


Don't play the innocent now, missy. You know exactly what happened, everyone else involved knows it too.
I'm not going to explain you what you already know.

3591935 I'm fully aware of what happened, I'm simply baffled as to why you are so mean to me, especially when I never did anything mean to you or against you.

I'm glad (not vindictively so, but genuinely glad) that you respected that author's self-definition as foalcon.

3591887 I think I've mentioned this before, but the split, while unwanted, didn't happen quite so dramatically. Stormhoof never fired me, but I did tell him he could demote me. We're still friendly via PM. Really, I'm seeing the split as a good thing for Foalcon readers over all more and more. Thanks to the divide, there are more options for members of each, and we get more publicity as I invite members of old Foalcon to the new Foalcon group, boosting our weekly new member count and appearing in the trending groups list much more frequently. I might eventually return as an admin at the old Foalcon group, and Stormhoof might be given a position in the new one if he intends to be active.


I'm just stickin' with my peers, in the same way as your peers stuck with you when you sent your follower army into the Foalcon group to fight your fight. The difference is that I am not a pretentious, high-horse riding person with a superiority complex, who thinks she's better than a group of other people just because they like something different that is completely harmless.
I'm a proud member of the Foalcon group and a proud foallover (of just three certain fillies, that is) and if you insult or hurt any member of the Foalcon group, then you insult and hurt me too.
That's how things run, lady.

3591887 Also, please try to be kinder to all guests. I agree that some of what she did was hateful, but I don't see any need to dwell on it. I don't think any of us are interested in being convinced of the other side's pov, and arguing will do nothing but create unnecessary drama.

3591969 I admire your spirit, though!

3591969 ...I wish I had a horse.


I know that, Flutterpony. I know that.
But in the end, it comes down to the same, the rift happened because of her selfish actions and that the new Foalcon group runs better than the old one is certainly not owed to her. It's because of the hard work you put into it.

But, even though I'm aware of it that you are a great admin, I'm giving you the advice to not give Stormhoof an admin position in the new Foalcon group.
He already showed that he isn't a particularly good choice for an admin of a group about something so controversial in the fandom and if there should be another author one day who gets pissed about it that his foalshipping fic gets added to the group, then the whole drama repeats itself because he's going to give in again. Except for it that you can demote him then, since you founded the group, but that would just bring the group back to the status where it already is now, so there's not much point in giving him an admin position there.


Sorry, but I politely disagree on this. I'm not letting it come to a flamewar here, but I also refuse to be kind to such a person.
Also, judging by her last comment, she has already retreated in her SJW cave now anyway, so I guess the show's over here. :moustache:

3591993 Do know that if Flutterpony had simply not re-added my story to the group, the "rift" would never have happened. This did not have to go so far.

Two questions:
What kind would you choose, and would there be real horse sex?


Leave it be, missy. Ya ain't going to talk yourself out of this.

3592000 I've always liked the Budweiser horses, the Clydesdales. They are magnificent animals. As for your other question, do you mean between the horse and myself, or between two Clydesdales? I think it would be rather interesting to learn how to breed horses. I hear there is good money in that.

3590545 I'm quite into foalcon. Yet I've also been in a skype group with Abyss for about a year now.

Its not him. Its you.

3592005 Oh, my. I meant between yourself and the horse, yes. A Clydesdale would probably be too big without some sort of physical training on your part plus sedation of the animal. I have a friend who's had sex with a horse, but I'm sure her breed wasn't that large. Would you ever be interested in experiencing that sort of thing with any breed? I've no interest in doing it myself, but seeing porn of it is really hot, and I know some women like the larger member and amount of cum.

3592003 let's talk about horse sex now, please. :heart:

3592020 Lol nah, I'd never do anything like that.

3591992 Just to be clear, do you have a vagina?

Well it would be nice if I could trade it for a day. But nah. Its way too easy to get sand in it too.


A Clydesdale horse, huh? Got to think on "Appleloosa's Most Wanted" again now.
While I'm not into horses that aren't from Equestria (I just don't like their looks), seeing Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle having some sexy funtime with Trouble Shoes would be a wonderful sight. :heart:
Sadly, there isn't nearly enough Foalcon art of them and Trouble Shoes. There's not even a fic as far as I know. Someone should write one.

3592023 can't blame you, but I'm curious, what do you think of porn with actual horses and humans?

3592035 Read Terror Trailer by K9groomer. Kinda dark though.

3592033 I really love my equipment inside a vagina, so I'd have to say I'm happy as is as well.

3592037 Can't say I ever looked at that kind of porn. Just ain't my thing.

3592049 Ah okay. Well then, what porn did you like before mlp? Any real life stuff? Any non-pony show characters or fanfics in particular? Did you write anything before becoming a fan of FiM?

3592052 I'd much rather not divulge such personal information, but I will admit that I never got into writing before MLP. When I saw one of my friends doing it, I decided I'd try my hand at it.

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