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Fluttershy and Big MacIntosh are arguably Ponyville's cutest couple.

Their friends and family wonder, though, how the extremely shy pegasus and taciturn earth pony even ended up together, let alone how they stay together.

Fluttershy and Big Mac don't worry about it too much.

Shoutout to my boy White Jesus for managing to push this back into the feature box with his favorite literally like two minutes after it fell out, lol.

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Wow... that was pretty damn fantastic. :3 The internal thoughts regarding their feelings for one another is perfect in this. The bewilderment from other ponies cast against the glorious sweetness of just knowing another is meant to be with you was epic in this piece. And of course, ethereal-maned Fluttershy is like an auto win.

6405224 Thank you!

6405254 'kay

6405310 Thank you, Wing! It's what I was going for ;) And thanks for adding it to your favorites! ALSO, awesome new avatar.

Oh and yes, I realize the title is fairly stupid but honestly that was what prompted the fic idea (thanks, Plum), so I kept it.


The cute is strong with this one.

6405364 Thank ya kindly, Rob.

6405324 :P Thanks

All kinds of adorable. And better a disgruntled Angel that investigated rather than a disgruntled Lily. :ajsmug:

The feels are strong with this one.

6405481 Heh. Trust me, it was tempting ;)

6405494 Thanks ^_^

A FlutterMac ship...

...that...that talks about their quietness being a point.

Thank you, madam. I have seen the ultimate FlutterMac oneshot.

6405509 Thanks, Alex. Their silence can define them, and words aren't always needed when love is in play, in my opinion, so that's part of why I wrote it :)

6405511 That's exactly why I love this ship.

Just beautiful. I remember a few years ago, trying to tell someone about this ship and what made it so cute. I wish this fic had existed then. But now I'll have it for next time, so thank you! :ajsmug:

6405726 High praise indeed :) Thanks, Bookplayer.

>mfw that title

So, I always do this thing where I read a fic I like, and I comment to let the author know how much I liked it, then a few minutes later I look at it again to make sure it's in a lot of groups so everyone will see it. And that's when I remember I'm a Story Scout and I'm supposed to put good fics in Tag-a-long's Book Club.

So have a ribbon!


Majin Syeekoh

I could—



Nah, this is sweeter than any dumb nitpicking I could ever make.

Well done.:twilightsmile:

6405831 Heh. Thanks. I know it's far from my best work, but I really enjoyed writing it and re-reading it, so up it went :twilightsmile:

Majin Syeekoh

6405837 You can really tell, too—oftentimes a writer's enjoyment writing a story bleeds out into the fic itself.

That was cute. Well done.

I couldn't tell you how many times I've seen the question that this fic tackles asked. This is as great a response as I've ever seen. Cheers. :eeyup:

6406528 Thank you both very much!

That was just adorable!!! :twilightsmile::rainbowkiss:

6406729 Thank you so much! I am so happy at the warm reception (and the feature)! :yay:

Not bad at all. Thoroughly enjoyed that. It was a nice pallete cleanser from writing about death and madness. hehe

I have a soft spot for the ship, and I too have wondered--what would they even talk about?

That was one of the most BEAUTIFUL FlutterMac stories I've ever read.

I've always enjoyed FlutterMac for this specific reason, and it's about time someone actually wrote it out.

So... Good work.:eeyup:

Did anyone else expect this to devolve into shameless clop?

Sometimes it's nice to see a break from all the yarns about polyamorous slut harems, or incest, or gender swapped, changeling gang-bangs and read something eloquently written that's not afraid to be simple, cute and cuddly.

Good job!

Finally, someone wrote the fluttermac Fic I Always Wanted to see. I'm not huge on shipping fluttermac, but if you ARE gonna do it, then this is how it should be done.

See if more fluttermac stuff was like this I'd like the ship a lot more.

Besides, with a love like that? Who needs words?

6407373 I agree. There are some shipping stories that are just cute and nice, simple reads.
But there are those few, where the characters are portrayed so perfectly and story is genuine and well-written.
Over-all, to reach that level of awesome, has to be my ultimate goal when writing, and it's an inspiration to me when people do it right!

Kudos to the author.

6407496 Yeah, and I think it's a problem with many fanfics. as much as I love the way fan-fiction opens up a universe, Far too often people forget that the characters they are writing for, are not their own creations. They embellish too much and forget to let the established character write the story for them, and something is lost when that happens. It doesn't necessarily ruin a great story, Or change a well developed plot. Often times you won't even notice it happening unless you are looking for it.

But when you find that story that does it 'just right" Like this one, You can tell the difference.

A wonderful little read. How cute :twilightsmile:

The feature box must have made me jaded. I first read the title as 'What's the Sound of Two Mimes Mating' and nearly missed this.

This was a nice little story, not so often I see Fluttershy and Big Mac. After all, who needs words when our actions say it all.

Too cute for words. I don't totally ship them, and honestly, if people wrote more about this beforehand, them both being less than great conversationalists or just shy (as I always thought that would cause an awkward start if they ever dated), I think I'd be a sucker for it and never leave, because it highlights it nicely while showing words aren't important. Nonetheless, lovely and cute story that does show that even the quietest of pairings can work.

Alright Chums, let's read this.


Well now I have diabeetus, thanks.

Maximum adorable though, thank you!

Yay, Fluttermac!

Bathtub sex though might be a bit too much, I can't imagine having soap in your...you know, when Fluttershy is part of it xD

Nice work on the fic. And you're in the box. Molodets. :)

I can dig it.
I'm not the biggest Fluttermac fan, because I prefer my ships more adventurous and challenging, but this stuff is just too cute sometimes.
Excellent job.

I gotta see what lily will try to do next! following and favoring!

6408564 this was a one shot, s' why it's marked complete. But thank you!

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