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"Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be."– Clementine Paddleford


Business at Carousel Boutique has been picking up ever since the Royal Wedding. While the work has been a godsend, Rarity soon finds herself buried in custom orders, fussy Canterlot ponies, and deadlines she's unsure she can meet.

At the end of her rope, she remembers that time there were simply too many Pinkie Pies, and has an idea.

What could go wrong?

(Story inspired by a comment left by MarineMarksman on another story of mine, Oh, you. Thanks for the inspiration!)

Edit 10/9/13: Guys, this is NOT a Sparity fic. Please do not add this fic to Sparity groups or Sparity folders in groups. I have no idea what made you think this was a Sparity, but regardless, please stop.

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Too Many Rarities... one Rarity is too many, if you ask me.

goddamn I'm being a dick today... anyways, I liked the story so I hope to see more of it.

This story is funny, and I haven't even read it yet.

2122459 Fuck you Rarity is best pone :raritydespair:

opinions, opinions. I actually do like Rarity. as I said at the bottom of my comment, I'm feeling dickish today.

wooo got my obligatory downvote without an accompanying comment explaining what they didn't like :D

2122638 no im kidding pls dont kill urshelf

I thought you said that Twist is best pony. :derpytongue2:

2122711 Out of the Mane 6 Rare is breast. :raritywink:

I shall find time for this story. I promise that much.

For now, upvote through confidence.

2122734 it makes me incredibly happy to know that someone likes my writing that much :)

Downvoted because it doesn't have enough Rarity :raritydespair:


Had a similar idea for Rainbow Dash. Your's is very good. Just hope I can make my version good, too.

2122780 lul. I can always send her to make another :3

2122787 Thank you so much! I am sure yours will be wonderful ^_^

Obvious joke is obvious but "Haha the Rarity's have been doubled!" :raritystarry:/:raritywink:

I'm going to assume that error was completely intentional, considering who I'm talking to. And out of the Mane 6, Fluttershy is the best, followed quickly by Pinkie Pie.

2123190 Fluttershy has no character, Pinkie Pie is annoying

Fluttershy has plenty of character and is adorable, and Pinkie Pie can be gotten used to. Plus she's adorable too. Your argument is invalid.

Doppelganger rolled her eyes. "Don't you think it would look a LITTLE strange to be going right back to the spa after you left?"
Rarity just smirked. "I'm Rarity, dear."

This sold me.

2123587 Um, no. Fluttershy had zero character, except for the one episode where Iron Will wanted her more assertive, and that was breaking her character entirely. And just because I have a different opinion does not make it invalid.

I would suggest you never go "Hurr durr ur argument is invalid" ever again if you want to be taken seriously in any conversation.

2123813 if she had no character, she can't break character :3

2123813 ...

Fluttershy had zero character

and that was breaking her character entirely.

How do you break "zero character?"

Commence read.

Wonder how this will work out.

Escalated a bit too quickly if you ask me. My suggestion, try dividing this up a bit more and adding some filler.

I still think Flutters has plenty of character, but whatever. As for the "your argument is invalid", I spent too much time looking at demotivational posters before I posted that. :derpytongue2:

I very much like where this is going, and how you ended it there it could go any of of a variety of ways. The comedy and romance tags suggest it is going one of the better ones. I am very interested to see how this goes.

Before I read this, I'd like to know if you're planning to enter it in the Love Thyself contest. As a judge for it, I gotta wait to read entries until the deadline comes in order to give everyone a fair shot. But if you're not aiming for the contest, then I can read to my heart's content.

2126138 I didn't even know about it, so no. This is being written just to get the idea out of my head, haha. Read away!

So it's Perfect for Me, but with Rarity? This could be entertaining.

2126140 I had to google that. Geez. Unaware there was another similar fic =/ This puts a damper on things.


This was great.

2122459 It could be A LOT worse. Imagine if there was two Rainbow Dashes.


are you serious or are you trolling? because RD is my favorite of the mane 6.


2126308 I am 100 percent serious. She's a bitchy cunt who has her head too far up her own ass to notice how much of a prideful bitch she is. The only reason why I am not calling for her immediate execution is because of her interaction with Scootaloo in that episode where they go camping. But I am sure we'll see her act like a bitch once more very soon.


I think fimfiction should have a Rarity week, because she didn't get a episode in season 3. :raritystarry:
This story is awesome. :ajsmug:


Well stop feeling dicks. I'm sure there's a molestation charge in there.

nuh-uh. all dicks I feel are over legal age.


Always assume there's going to be a similar fic. Never let it dampen what you're doing, because your story is always your story, even if someone's written the exact same premise a hundred times.

That said, this is the first Rarity-Clone fic I've ever read. Keep it up!

2126573 Thank you. I just personally hate rip off style fics-1000 My Little Dashies with different ponies, that sort of thing. I'm going to avoid reading the fic the other person mentioned and just keep going with this, I guess, and simply assume it's different.

Rarity falling in love with...herself?

Sold. :raritywink:

"Don't you think it would look a LITTLE strange to be going right back to the spa after you left?"

"I'm Rarity, dear."


Doppelganger certainly has Rarity's love of the spa down pat, but seems to be lacking her work ethic. She also seems to have a manipulative streak that Rarity does a better job keeping under control. Considering the duplicate Pinkie Pies weren't really carbon copies of the original either, it works.

I look forward to seeing where you go with this.

2126943 Exactly-the other Pinkies, for example, had absolutely no regard for any destruction they wreaked, nor the feelings of others. I figure if Rarity had a slightly imperfect copy, she'd essentially be a kind, but high maintenance pony with little desire to work. However, I'm trying to make her a LITTLE more well rounded than the duplicate Pinkies, so here's hoping I can pull this off :)

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