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"Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be."– Clementine Paddleford


The Great and Powerful Trixie has spent many years wandering Equestria, hauling her little wagon behind her. She's spent all those years alone, and that's just fine by her. Who needs other ponies?

Soon enough, though, she finds herself followed by a strange unicorn mare who insists on being taught the tricks of her trade. Trixie teaches her, but is the mare really ready for all a showmare's life entails?

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I love you so much right now:moustache:

This better get featured or else me and Knighty going to have a talk.

*cracks knuckles*

3677291 it's not up to knighty, silly

This was lovely, but why the sad tag?

3677600 Because it's a bit sad.

Everyone has been so into Christmas, I thought this said "Rules of Being a Snowmare".

I'm sure there will be more to this. I'm excited.

3677778 It's a one-shot :p

(Also merry xmas, momo :heart:)

Aw. It feels to me like it could continue. Further exploration into the life of a showmare. I'd continue it myself, but there's no way I could write like you can.

Merry Jinglemas to you, too. :heart:

Dancah, remember when I said you were inspiring?
Yeah, that just intensified. :rainbowwild:

This was an awesome read. I loved it.

3678481 D'aww, thanks :)

3678753 Horray! Glad you liked.

That was an interesting little one-shot.


I thought this said "Rules of Being a Snowmare".

1. You do not talk about being a snowmare.

2. You DO NOT talk about being a snowmare.

3. If somepony yells "Stop!" or begins to melt, the snowball fight is over.

4. Only two snowmares to a battle.

5. Only one snowball battle at a time

6. No yellow snow, no carrots.

7. The snowball fight will continue as long as the combatants have snow.

8. If this is your first night, you HAVE to fight.

Excellent job, congratulations. Redeemed Trixie is best Trixie. Extra points for adding a partner to the mix.

This is more sweet than sad.

Based on what you said about your inspiration for this story, I was expecting something very sad, and I'm glad you didn't go that route as much as you probably could have - me being a sucker for the occasional happy ending. You could easily remove the sad tag, I'd say.

So I enjoyed this. It was very sweet, especially the ending. Trixie was kind of pepper and salt followed by a little sugar, which was a pleasant take on her. Nicely done. :twilightsmile:

wai can i not read dis?

Ah, I just noticed you used a wingding instead of a 'proper' chapter title. In my drunken haze last night when trying to get to this, it was practically invisible.

Onwards to reading.


That was a good read. Didn't care for her aversion to wheels, but the rest of the fic was great. Loved how you managed to balance Trixie being Trixie with her actually being approachable and even likeable.

Well, I finally fucking got around to reading this, and it was incrdable.

This is a type of sad tat I rarely see done right—this is the wanderer's sadness. This is the sadness from "The World At Large", by Modest Mouse, and I think would actually be a perfect song for this fic. This is the sadness from American Gods. This is the sadness that doesn't make you cry, and instead leaves a hollow feeling at the back of your throat, caving your chest in. This sadness is one that cannot be fully understood until one moves from town to town to state to island to country again and over again. It's slice of life quality is something ANYONE can get, and the story is fabulous just on that. However, the essence of the fic is in the sadness, and until someone lives that life, they won't liken to it fully.

In blaze of sound effects and over dramatics, Trixie begs for attention and receives it. To live on the attraction of others while keeping them far away to make sure you don't get hurt is something I liken with on a level, I suppose. To love a flame is to admire it and feed off the warmth, but to never stick your hand inside for fear of getting burnt.

She dragged along an aspiring performer, and gave her dream life—that's amazing. Trixie has been shown by canon to at first have been a hollow mare lusting for the approval of others, and then to have been fuled by rage and desire in her S3 return. Towards the end, she was apologetic and vulnerable; THAT much closer to being the most real character on the show. In this fic, you've given her the final piece to make her the most real character imaginable; compassion. As a pony who had obviously thought compassion a flaw when she was introduced in S1, over the course of two episodes, she had evolved into a fantastic character. This last piece you gave showed that Trixie understands she's not the only one who loves the warmth of the flame; she's willing to share it with others, and to teach them how not to scorch their fur.

That's beautiful.

Trixie's words stick with me: "You're always acting in the show." The theme appeal to me as much as it truly hurts me—I know that feeling. When you've acted so long to be the person you WANT to be, and others like that, why be the person you really are? After a while, the person who you once were fades away, and there's just the act left. If it drops, what remains of you? That's another stark piece of sadness to it, one that actually pains ME to think about.

To wrap up, this fic brings another sadness to it—the sadness of beauty. There's the beauty of characters, and how well they mesh together, with both characters being wonderful gears in the same watch. They makes the whole fic tick, and sparkle. You portrayed Perfect Timing as a simple mare with a dream, and as a mare with insecurities and brazen nascence to the scene she was thrown into. You portrayed Trixie as braggart, a flashy drama queen, and an attention whore—yet one who was aware that she lives the show, and can still treat others like sapient creatures deserving of hopes and dreams and LIFE. Even the title evokes a sad beauty to it... "rules of being a showmare" is such a solemn, simple phrase. It's all there, and it's all that can be there. The cover pic is beautiful as well, I love that picture of Trixie.

There's almost a nostalgia-like feeling in this fic, in its entirety, yet that could not possibly be because I haven't lived long or enough to feel nostalgia like this. My performer's path's lasted over half my life, yet my life is young and those are barely any years to talk about.

To this end, this story DID make me cry. It was in the sadness, both the beauty and the wandering, and it was also the other overwhelming feeling that was brought up by this. I cannot place this feeling at all, for it feels like one and evokes the emotion of another. Perhaps the story was so good it broke my brain.

Thank you for writing this, Robin.

4361560 I'm so glad you liked it, Regi :) I put my life as a performer on stage (and off, if we're being honest) into this as much as I could. I'm glad it gave you pause. I'm also flattered beyond measure that you compared part of it to American Gods, because you know how much I love Gaiman.

Thanks, Elijah :heart:


BELLATRIX, you say??:trixieshiftright::trixieshiftright:

(My bro clears his throat rather loudly in the distance and yells, “Wrong fandom!”)

Ooh... He's right. :twilightsheepish::twilightsheepish: Wrong fandom!!!

4393186 It's called headcanon, and it's a wonderful thing~

I loved it, too bad it's a one-shot - Perfect Timing is definitely an interesting character, and Trixie's reaction to her even more so.

A look drier than the Badlands met her. "If you must know, it was the name of a Gryphon warrior many years ago. My mother admired her story, and named me for her." She sighed, before cracking a smile. "It is pretty terrible, though."

Was that Gryphon's nickname "The Strange" perhaps?

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