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"Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be."– Clementine Paddleford


This story is a sequel to Don't Stand Too Close To The Sun

A thousand painful years keeping siblings apart.

Fractured memories of a jealous rage.

And the soft, downy wings of a sister that never, ever stopped believing in her.

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Cute, slightly bittersweet, but ultimately a good read. Light and fluffy by my general standards, I like your presentation of Luna, too. Sunbutt is still best princess, though.

3019284 Trying to get away from 'everything Dancer writes lately is fucking depressing" xD

Also, pfft. Moonbutt all the way :heart:

3019293 I wouldn't say "fucking depressing" so much as "extremely feels-y."

3019403 Thanks, Floyd :) Those feels tho etc :3

And the soft, downy wings of a sister that never, ever stopped believing in her

never, ever stopped believing in her

All your writing is excellent, Dancer. Including this.

Those lovely sibling feels.

Aw, I've been a bad brother lately...:raritycry::raritydespair:

Time to fix that.

"I sang to you, sometimes."

That made me think of this song.

3019716 Aww. Your sister is awesome, go give hugs.

3019731 True story: While that's not the song I'm referencing, I do love the hell out of it, and actually made a soap based off it (that's my job, soapmaking).

Comment posted by Princess Glitzy deleted Aug 10th, 2013

3019911 Nah, that's melt and pour soap. I make some of that, just cos it's easy, but I specialize in hot process soaps.


That's my take on Lullaby for a Princess. It sold out so freaking fast at Bronycon, haha xD

Edit: To clarify, it is soap and is completely functional as 'stuff what gets you clean'.

You're advertising soap by another person on the story by a soapmaker.
You. Are. A. Faggot.
(By the way, I own 12 bars of her soap, and they smell amazing. They're also evidently really good for sensitive skin.)


Got a bar of it on the side of my sink. Smells so good :pinkiesmile:

You realise it's actually incredibly rude to advertise the competition on a page belonging to a small business owner, yes?

3019974 Thanks! Soon as my supplies come, I'll be making more ;)

3019951 First, rude. Calling someone that word is rude. You can tell that I`m not a male because of my name. Also, yes, I am bisexual, but if I wasn`t, that would be a rude and untrue statement. Second, I wasn`t trying to advertise. I was simply saying that it reminded me of some soaps on the internet. I`m sorry if I bothered you or offended MidnightDancer. Sorry if I came off as an annoying advertising person. Friends?

3020022 It's okay. It's just generally considered incredibly rude to advertise the competition on someone's things, is all. Basic courtesy, and all that. I've no issue with you beyond that, really.

Excuse me, I use faggot in more of a definition of "you're a jackass/fuckface".
Regardless, it's rather offensive to advertise soap, that is quite frankly subpar, on the page of a small business owner who barely breaks even between sales and supplies. Regardless of intention, you DID advertise other people's soaps.
Now, if you were to perhaps purchase a bar of soap from the aforementioned small business owner, all would be forgiven.

3020047 I`ve not made a good first impression have I? I can delete the comment if you would prefer that to not be on your story. Well, I`m sorry and I hope that you continue writing awesome stories like these. I`m 12, so I`m still young and I didn`t mean to do anything rude. When I read soapmaker at first I thought you meant soap opera maker for some reason. I didn`t know if you literally meant soap. I`m sure that your soap works perfectly and is a lot better than the ones I showed. Once again, I`m very sorry. I don`t like it when others don`t like me so I hope that you forgive me. Goodbye and have a great day or night depending on what part of the Earth you live in!
My sincere apologies! :heart:

3020103 It's alright dear, I'm not angry. I was a bit miffed, but I'm fine now. You can delete if you like, but nobody is forcing you to :)

I hope you have a good night as well! It's past midnight here.

3020057 I`m sorry for upsetting you. I don`t know where or how to buy their soap. I`d have to ask my parents first, money`s tight so probably not, but I can try. Sorry once again. Thank you for voicing your opinion on the comment and bringing to my attention that the comment was rude.

3020141 It's okay. Eric is one of my special someponies, so he's a mite protective ;) We didn't realize you were just a child.

3020118 It`s 15 minutes past twelve right now so thank you for wishing me good night! I`m also very happy that I`m able to leave on good terms!

Mmm, a mite. Least I can do for a gal as amazing as you.

Anyways, the story is great. Your style is amazing, as always. Bittersweet, but still a happy ending. Keep up the good work!

For some reason I REALLY want to buy some of your soap now. Could I buy some over the internet? :rainbowhuh:

3020300 well sure, if you're so inclined. I'm mostly cleared out because Bronycon, but I do have some rather nice soaps left :)

My shop :)

Internet Soap Shop? Mindfuck. I'll probably buy some of these because my bro and I are running out of soap. He'll be like, "What's in the package?" "Soap." "WTF did you order soap online?" And, if your customers are to be believed, all he'll need is to get a good sniff and he won't question my decision. Are these claims true?

3020324 Yeppers. I don't have any reviews for the hot process shea or cocoa butter soap, but I use the cocoa butter one myself and rather like it.

Mmmkay. I'm interested in the "Love is in Bloom" and the Cocoa Butter. You may be hearing from me soon. :pinkiesmile:

3020357 Excellent. I can PM you a discount code if you like :3

Wow, now I really want the soap. :pinkiegasp: Yes please! :pinkiehappy:


Are these clames true?

As an owner of 12 bars of the stuff, I can say clearly that her soap is fucking amazing.
For proof:
I did this with some little Applejacks and other stuff she sent me. I bought that all over 3 transactions.

Hahahaha, no. I actually bought most of it to help her out in what I thought was a time of need. She got it resolved, but I really didn't care either way, as it made her happy, and that made me happy.
One thing I will say is this: I WILL probably never run out of soap again.

Place it in random places around your residence so if you ever get guests they will be confused. "Why is there a bar of soap on the chair?" "Soap? I don't know what you're talking about." :trollestia:

3020443 pfft, you're totes addicted to anything having to do with me :rainbowkiss:

3020454 apparently his room smells awesome now.

what do you use in your soaps and could you post a link

3022945 There's a link to my shop up above ^^ And I use lye (you can't have soap without lye), some form of liquid (water, or goat milk, or beer, or whatever) and oils. I pick the oils for their specific properties re: skin and so on. Generally, I use coconut oil, palm oil, rice bran oil, some soybean oil, castor oil, olive oil, etc etc. I make my stuff from scratch, so there's lots of room for customization :twilightsmile:

Order some and maybe you'll be a little less creepy, insofar as you won't smell as bad.

3023246 I fucking love you, you know that

I am well aware of the fact. Coincidentally, I fucking love you, too. Funny how stuff like that works.

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