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Welcome to the League

This is a place to discuss, name, criticize, and do whatever you want with those kindhearted ponies who have earned their mark but not their name. Let us begin!

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There's a group for naming these ponies.

Have you considered adding folders to this group? :unsuresweetie:


I will. Sieg hiel for ze domain.

358378 do what you can, eh. :ajsleepy:


I'l try and get not really a admin in many to be honest.

358376 Go liberate some other group that you're an admin in then, eh. :ajbemused:....:ajsleepy:


I cant really do much really :applejackunsure:

358373 Also, try to conquer this group for moi, eh. :twilightsmile::heart:


358370 Sheldon is rad, but I need sleep, eh. Nighty night! :twilightsheepish::heart:


Sleep....So tempted to quote sheldon copper here.

358368 Now, I must sleep! :raritydespair::heart:


That....Thats,,i dunno

  • Viewing 50 - 69 of 69
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