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Nightmare Moon has been defeated, but at too high a cost.

Princess Luna, Celestias little sister, has been trapped in the moon along with the demon. Celestia, in her desperation, reaches out to Harmony itself, hoping the maker of the Elements can spare her sister from such a fate.

What she finds is not what she expects, and what she learns will be too much for her to bear.

Featured June 3rd, 2022

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Twilight was ready for a relaxing day of peace and quiet with only her books for company. Fate had other plans however as a new wave of chaos washes over Equestria.

Clearly this is the work of Discord, who else could be capable of this kind of chaos? But when Twilight and her friends confront the Drconaquus, he denies all responsibility.

However, after some more prodding, he realizes just who's responsible for their current predicament.

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How does one recover from falling below rock bottom?

That’s what the former queen bee of Canterlot High will have to answer, ever since the events of her Junior year Fall Formal. In under an hour, Sunset Shimmer had fallen from the most feared girl in school to the most reviled. Now, nobody is afraid of her, and they’re going to let her know every day till they graduate.

Sunset however seems, surprisingly, regretful of who she was, and she’s desperate to make up for everything she did. It’d too bad no one will ever giver her the light of day, especially after she turned into a demon. How does one live that down?

And these girls, the ones who caused all of this in the first place, why are they making the effort to reach out to her? She broke apart their friendship. She bullied them all relentlessly. She nearly killed them.
They should hate her the most!

Yet... they provide her with something she’s desperately lacking: hope.

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10,000 years ago, Humanity charted the stars and created an empire to survive the ages. They created a society of such power and might, they thought nothing would dare stand against them.

They were wrong.

The Hydra, a race wholly dedicated to the annihilation of Mankind, plunged the fledgling empire into cataclysmic war. For 50 years Humanity fought, but ultimately they lost.

On the eve of humanity’s destruction, 10 humans were interred in cryogenic sleep and sent to a planet Humanity had terraformed: Eques.

For 10,000 years the humans slept, only to awaken In a universe they no longer recognized, on a world full of many multitudes of creatures from myth and legend.

However, something stirs in the darkness. Something long thought to have been defeated, and should the Humans fail, it will plunge all of Eques into darkness.

A/N: hey everyone, I’ve decided to try writing my second story on the platform.

Now this one has a weird background to it: back when the FIM was in its second or third season, I was trying to find a fanfic about the return of Discord. Instead, I found a rather unique HIE fic. It was nothing amazing; the writing was ameuterish and the story was a bit cliched and predictable, but for some reason I loved it.

I built a whole world out of it, tried to imagine what would happen next, and even made some of my own worldbuilding for it.

Right before it’s last chapter was to be published, the author decided he was going to revise the whole story. He did, but it stopped updating before the halfway point and he took it down from Fanfiction.net a year ago. This greatly disappointed me.

However, I’ve read the fic so many times I basically have it memorized and saved the revised version, and since I have way too much free time on my hands, I decided to rewrite it and post it on the platform.

I like to to think of it as a type of recursive fan fiction, and give credit of the story and eight of the human characters to Hawkeye 35 (who also wrote the story COLTS)

Also, bear with me regarding the story image. There wasn’t much that would fit for my incredibly specific story so I had to settle on a sci fi soldier.

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This story is a sequel to My past does not define me

It's been one month since Anon-A-Miss' reign of terror through the school. One month since the school was divided. One month since Sunset was framed and persecuted by her fellow students. One month since the CMC admitted their involvement, and were punished.

Sunset should be thrilled, after all her name was cleared and everyone's been bending over backwards to make it up to her. This should be something that brings the entire school together and make her friendships stronger.
But it hasn't.

Sunset feels more alone than ever now. Having lost all trust for the girls assigned to teach her and believing her past will always haunt her, no matter how much she tries to show she's changed.

With the Friendship Games coming up, can CHS band together and defeat Crystal Prep? Will Sunset be able to forgive her fellow students and friends? How is the CMC going to make up for their mistake?

Featured November 17th, 2021

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