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Thanks for adding "Hidden Desires 3: All or Nothing" to multiple bookshelves.

Comment posted by Rggcd deleted Dec 11th, 2016

Funny, I've commented here before! Thanks for adding my story to your shelf, and I hope you liked it! Maybe consider literally liking the story? :twilightsheepish:

2320216 You just keep making my day.

2320212 Its really wonderful how you can write Dark, Romance and Comedy so well ;) When it's comedy, I can get a really nice laugh about it, when it's Romance, I can really sense how they feel. Good luck on your future endeavors ;)

2320154 Wow, thanks! That... means a lot.

2320029 Heh, I wouldn't mind. All 3 are wonderful stories that I wish more people would read.

Thanks for the addition of my story! Consider giving a like, if you so please.

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