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Fan of MLP from the beginning just starting to post my Stories for others to read.


[no title] · 8:11pm Jul 23rd, 2014

Few more days. Thats all its going to be is a few more days. I realized that I have a lot to do before i even think of posting Twilights Trials. Yep a lot to do. What i really need is someone to read it. Yeah thanks Best Friend who didn't help at all. I kid i love her, but seriously need help. Badly. =/ Whatever I will rise above everything and get those two chapters out before BronyCon (I hope). Mmmmm, yep lets try. Thanks for reading when you really didn't have to. =P <3 ya anyway for it.]

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1283917 :D no problem! Just send me the link whenever!

Yay. Thank you so much!

1283907 I can do that :D all I need is a link and I can look over it again!

That would be amazing. Really all i need is someone to read over it before i post it. A second opinion to make sure its well rounded and the characters aren't OOC. :derpytongue2:

What do you need help with? I'd be glad to assist in any way I can :D

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