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Owlicious is a stallion from the Everfree Forest, who lives with his pet owl, Twilight Sparkle. When Princess Philomena tells him to go to Ponyville to supervise the Summer Sun Celebration, he knows he's in trouble. He and his assistant Spike follow her orders, leaving out an important detail- make some friends. Now, with the longest day of the 1000th year coming up, he needs to stop Nightmare Moon from returning, and from blanketing Equestria in eternal night. What he doesn't realize is he may need a little help...

Winona is a simple farm pony who lives with her siblings Applebloom, Big Macintosh, her Granny Smith, and of course her little dog Applejack. She is honored that Princess Philomena had chosen her to make the food for the Summer Sun Celebration. When she meets Owlicious, Princess Philomena's prize student from the Everfree Forest, she knows she has to help the poor stallion. But now, with the help of her friends, she is determined to help show Owlicious that Friendship really is magic.

Gummy loves to party! Everyone is his friend, but his pet alligator Pinkie Pie is his bestest-bestest-bestie! When he meets Owlicious he is determined to put a smile on his frownie-face, and help that silly Unicorn make some friends! He plans to make the greatest party ever, until that meanie-meanie Black Snootie ruins his plans!

Tank has always been told he's slow, but being fast is his dream! With the help of his super-fast turtle (tortoise) Rainbow Dash, he wants to be the fastest pony ever! And this Summer Sun Celebration is his chance to show his heroes, the Wonderbolts, just how fast he can be!

Opalescence is a bit prickly at times, and she loves to look her best. She is honored when she is chosen to lead the decorations committee for the Summer Sun Celebration. Such an honor! When she meets Owlicious, she is determined to help him the best she can. Every cloud has a silver lining, and she likes to think generosity is hers!

Angel is a bit bad-tempered at times, but he is one of the kindest ponies you could meet- if you can get used to him. He has a soft heart when it comes to animals, and even if he's a bit prickly, he's always there for his friends!

These are the Elements of Harmony for the Petverse, an idea I haven't started yet, but is still under construction. Anypony who has a pet is the pet, and their pet takes their place. Feel free to contribute! I'm thinking of writing something "canon" to the -verse, but I'm always open to ideas! I'll start with "Friendship is Magic, Part 1 and Part 2", but there will be things we decide on together. I hope you guys would like to be a part of this!

1. No spamming.
2. Keep the stories rated everyone, and the forums rated teen.
3. I'll think of more soon.
4. Made you look!
5. Have fun!


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NightMareMoon, after the purging of the NightMare, will Be Prince Tiberius, an AlicornStallion. He will find an opossum in the trash, adopt her, and name her Luna. Luna is the most adorable marsupial —— ¡evar!

In the comics, Luna finds an opossum in the trash. He follows her around. She adopts him and names him Tiberius.

It's spelled "Owloysius" canonically. Also, is Nightmare Moon gonna turn out to have been Princess Abacus all along?

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