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the Connemara · 8:45pm Apr 20th, 2016

I wrote the following on some wednesday a while ago after having just danced the Connemara. (Read it to understand what that means.) I showed it to my good friend Chinchillax, who despite my skepticism claimed it was beautiful. He then proceeded to pester me into posting it here. That is why I'm publishing a blog post without having every posted a story on this site (that I don't reflexively cringe at now).

Without further ado, I present "An Ode to the Connemara":

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Your story does it yet live?

Yep! It's not a big deal, and I really appreciate the faves. :pinkiehappy:

1910598 Do you really thank every person who favourites your stories? That seems exhausting.

Thanks for the fave on The Quest! :twilightsmile:

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