"It was a Magnificent Desolation" that is what we said before we saw the.... -buzz Aldrin
Buzz Aldrin recounts what happened on that famous moon landing
RIP Neil armstrong

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Good story, a couple things. There are some issues with capitalization, punctuation, paragraphs, and the blacked out words... well should I be able to see something is I highlight them?

:rainbowlaugh: Not bad.
I gotta admit, that'd be a heckuva plot line. Luna makes friends with lunar lander crew....
Hot diggity.

Grate story made me tear up a bit. That would be something though.

Makes me wanna cry.....
But my body got dehygerated a long time ago so I can't.....


thank you for this support i relay was not suspecting this much i have made great improvement from my first story which i'm gong to redo and make it better

I have tried to reformat the story a bit; can I send it to you via PM or should I throw it away?

It's a nice idea. My own head version of "Apollo 18" had them finding Luna and bringing her home. Cue complete chaos as the eggheads at NASA realise that the Moon has a gateway between our universe and the universe of ponies.

I liked this, but "Houston, We're Coming Home" was better.
If you would like to check it out, it is by EpicBG.


no it is not BB code its is just a symbol what you see is what you see their is no character after is it is just a block of ink (pretty sneaky bastard aren't i?)

█ is what you see would subsistence a word i would have to count the spaces for the word to make it seem legit like if i wanted to have princes lunas name blacked out it would do this

████████ ████

you get it?


aw that's to bad well next time you get hydrated you can cry if you want to


thanks i did i had no idea that their was a fic already out about this idea i thought i was the only one who thought of it:derpytongue2:


Awesome story, bro! Maan, I liked this story :applejackconfused:

That was sweet. I wonder if it really did happen that way?


hey the gorverment is going to get you with that kind of talk:trollestia:

That was awesome! The ending was sad.:fluttercry:
We will always remember you Neil.

This was awesome! I only wish it was longer so I could enjoy it more!

If I was buzz I would totally say that just to troll everyone.

Bar a few errors, I really liked this. :twilightsmile: Worth a thumbs up and a fave.

Cool story, dig the concept.

...the implications for this universe are fascinating - whether they're parallel worlds that cross over via the moon or Equestria is a 'hidden land' similar to the lost continent of Mu, or even something a little more akin the the dreamtime.

The only problem I see with being an astronaut is living for decades afterward - :twilightoops: what is ever going to compare to that? (Plus I'd much rather think of Buzz Aldrin in Equestria than the ME3-verse:pinkiesick:)

1993893 Mass-Effect 3 - I didn't play it either, but it's almost impossible to escape people talking about the ending


1993965 It's funny how you use the ''█.'' Mah idea, mofo.


2063159 But I found the symbol :trollestia:

2194714 Don't like it:rainbowderp: Loved the story, hated this 'ghetto' version.


well then just tell that to this guy i did not write the second part it just work me up form my depressing school life and made me laugh so hardb in science class (dont ask) sory you did not kike it i just had a realy good laugh at it

both took off our golden visors

You do realize the gold part is to prevent your eyes from being fried by radiation, right?

Ah well, who cares? This is fun anyway!


common you know then they moved them off when they weren't facing the sun thanks anyway

I'm crying hardly rn.
Hard to see the keys on the screen.
If possible can you make a sequel?
Maybe where Neil Armstrong returns from the dead and stays with Luna and buzz?
It would lighten my world.

aww man i’m sorry i wrote this so long ago and i dont have the creative juice to do something like that, but that doesn’t mean you cant write a sequel if you wanted to :) you have my premision

Thank you so much!
I really am not good at making stories but I will make you proud.
I will send you a link to it when I have it done.
Or maybe I might let you help me if you want. Because that can help me improve writing, you 2ill be apart of it and that can help it aline the story more accurately with yours.

Let me know about it because I want this to be a good come back.:twilightsmile:

(If you do want to help I'll let you know when to help me)

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