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So I had a Mental Breakdown Today. · 8:37pm Apr 23rd, 2019

So I yeah, my mind kinda broke today. Ended up texting my mother this message today, "Mom, I need to come, I haven't done Shit at all this month. I can't get motivated. Nothing has truly been making me happy. I feel like shit all the time, my blonde ache I have constant head aches. Nothing tastes good anymore. Art, games movies me happy. I'm tired all the time. I know I don't want to die but at the same time i don't want to live. And I can't answer the question what do I want to do in life,

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    Don't know how burning electronics can clone you, nor how that clone can end up in Equestria. Definately don't know how my soul jumped to the clone either. But it happened.
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Thank you and I hope you countine to enjoy my work.

The character interactions mostly. Especially the friendship between Roni and Motomeru, That and the way they chose to handle the culture of the world they found themselves in, being respectful to a degree, but standing their own. It's also nice to see stories that don't immediately have the mane 6 all trust the main character, adds a nice bit of realistic conflict. Oh, also the different bits of world building you've already sprinkled in, makes me curious to see what your version of Equestria is truly like, and tells me you have a plan for it too. Which has been my biggest failing in writing my own stories. I haven't got a good grasp on what I want to do before I start writing, then by the time I feel up to it again I've lost track of where I started. Why I haven't posted a story of my own in a while. But yeah you have a lot of good stuff going on in your story, so I hope you'll keep it up.

Thanks for the fav on The Warrior in a Mare's World! What did you like about it?

thanks for the fav on Assistance! :) Send me a comment on how you like it in the comments ^.^

Thanks so much for the fav on Herding Instincts and remember that comments are GREATLY!!! appreciated! :twilightsmile:

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