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"Quarantine Period, Part 4: The Case of Twilight Sparkle Versus Ponyville" Posted · 2:15am Jul 9th, 2015

Yep, it has been a loooong time in coming, but I finally finished the dratted thing. Some of the slow-down was due to my being nervous about my ability to write a fight scene (I think I actually managed it pretty well), some due to depression, and some due to other interests taking center stage in my life for a while. I never gave up on working on this though.

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More regarding "The Two Deaths of Fluttershy" · 10:36pm Apr 21st, 2013

I think I may need to just hurry this chapter along. I've gotten back to working on it, and have tightened things up and gone on to write a little more, but I think I may need to content myself with "Time Passes", rather than filling the time with character-studying conversation.

On the plus side a few weeks ago I wrote a 1,100+ word poem related to the story, and also realized that a certain stand-alone story would be best done by working it into the plot of "The Two Deaths of Fluttershy".

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Quarantine Period, Part 3: Such a Loudmouth · 1:08am Mar 4th, 2013

This chapter of "The Two Deaths of Fluttershy" currently stands at over 7,000 words. I know where I want to end it, I just need handle the traveling around of various ponies a bit more clearly at one point and then cover some time passing towards the end of it to allow certain events to happen. I can't decide if I should skip forward over that chunk of time, or come up with more stuff worth showing you, my readers, while the time passes.

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Back-ground research and reclassification · 10:17pm Feb 5th, 2013

I have been doing some background reading for The Two Deaths of Fluttershy. More specifically I have been reading the original version of Dracula.

Translated into more pragmatic terms this means that not all of my work on it has been translating directly into word-count.

I have been low on energy for writing, but one, or possibly two things have recently happened to change that.

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"Try-Out" is out. · 6:27am Dec 13th, 2012

The story I mentioned earlier about Rainbow Dash trying out for the Wonderbolts is out. I wish I could have got it done last week-end, but it was not to be.

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Chapter 4 is out. · 3:10am Dec 7th, 2012

Chapter 4 of "The Two Deaths of Fluttershy" is now out. I have entitled it "Interlude: Hunting One Who Walks in Death's Hoofsteps".

The shorter fic I mentioned currently stands at a little less than 3,000 words, and I think I shall be able to finish it before its probable jossing by "Wonderbolt Academy"

Chapter 5 of "The Two Deaths of Fluttershy" is currently at about 2,600 words. Oddly enough, it may end up being the shortest chapter so far, then again, it might not.

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New chapter 4 should be out in the next few days. · 2:10am Dec 5th, 2012

I had some problems at the pre-reader stage, but as soon as I read through chapter 4 out loud it should be good to go. I should hasten to add that both my pre-readers did their best in the end, it was just that the entire reason I had to write this chapter is something that is easy to miss, but once it is explained to you is obvious. Thus making figuring out how to clarify it hard since both explaining what was really going on to the pre-reader or not doing so had their disadvantages.

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I WAS making good progress on chapter 4. · 1:27am Nov 16th, 2012

I had about 1,300 words before I realized that what I thought was chapter 4 actually needed to be chapter 5. I am going to be revealing some thing about Equestrian society that would be utterly horrifying in a society that wasn't as nice as Equestria, and I needed a better way to introduce that facet.

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Ok, that's better... · 12:24pm Oct 3rd, 2012

Chapter three of "The Two Deaths of Fluttershy" has now been edited. Was expecting small stylistic things, and some grammar and spelling. Found those, of course, but I also ended up plugging two plot-holes.

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Chapter 3 out, but I forgot the final editing pass. · 7:28pm Sep 29th, 2012

I need to read the printout of it out loud. Rather than unpublish after realizing this mistake, I am leaving it up. Updating with those tweaks should be happening within the next three days.

I also reduced the references to sexuality in Chapter 1 (since this REALLY isn't a clopfic AT ALL) with the help of Warmblood.

EDIT: Real Life slammed me... PROBABLY will have edits in the next few days.

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