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Christian Furry, added Friendship is Magic to my circle of interests after reading "Half the Day is Night".

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When Big Macintosh decides to ask Fluttershy out, she initially accepts with quiet enthusiasm.

Then she remembers a promise to her best friend Rainbow Dash.

Big Macintosh is going to need Dash's permission to date Fluttershy apparently... but it isn't clear why, even to Dash herself!

Chapters (1)

Rainbow Dash finally gets her chance to try out for the Wonderbolts. She fears failure, and is confident of success, but there is more to Princess Celestia's test than meets the eye.

Best viewed in "Normal" font-size.

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One year after Pipsqueak convinced Luna to un-cancel Nightmare Night, she returns to scare them again, unfortunately she gets a bit TOO into her artistic groove, and accidentally unleashes a spell so evil that even as Nightmare Moon she refused to cast it. While Celestia investigates to see if the Elements of Harmony really DID take away Luna's dark powers, Fluttershy tries to cope with being something terrifying.

Story started before a certain spooky episode, might work it into the plot later, might not. Twilicorn will be worked into plot.

Critique of all chapters/stories welcome.

Nota Bene: The [Sad], [Tragedy], and [Dark] tags DO NOT apply.

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Celestia returns to the Castle and talks to a guardsmare after spending some meaningful bonding time with her sister. But, as the guardspony soon learns, the word “bonding” has an entirely different meaning when dealing with Alicorns…

Critique appreciated.

Description thanks to Disciple.

Chapters (1)