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EDIT: Sequel is now up! Flying Forward

Rainbow Dash has done it again. She's crashed and hurt herself. But this time it's not just physical injuries that her and her friends have to deal with. Rainbow Dash's brain was severely traumatized so it's up to her friends to nurse her back to health. But can they deal with this new Rainbow Dash?

Warning: Contains mental age regression and everything you would guess that goes with that.

**Featured 5/14** I can't thank you all enough!

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 333 )

Interesting start. We will see if it stays this way.

Biggest cliffhanger ever. GIMMIE MORE NOW!!!

3901904 well if this story makes twilightpoopsparkle comeout of hiding, and pleases sky hooves, then I guess I should read it.

An interesting idea for a story, one that I will be keeping an eye on.

Ok... Thats it... I agree with TPS.... Cliffhanger of perfections

Still a better love story than twilght

3902120 unless you're talking about twilight sparkle..... But yes, everything is a better love story than twilight, even my butt x my toilet is a better love story than twilight

I can only imagine what could happen next... Twilight is mistaken for Rainbow's mommy.
But it is also quite sad what happened :fluttercry:

Moar! Please!

So far so good. Makes me wonder if Rainbow Dash will have to wear a straight jacket of some kind. :trixieshiftright:

i am at a complete loss for words (except these ones) at how good this story is! judging from what ive read so far its going to be a good and wild ride from here on out!

Well, this has got my attention, and my favorite. I do hope that there's comedy coming soon as the tag suggests.

sad start, traumatic injuries are as they say. -traumatic.

Me as Twi:
:facehoof: no, Rainbow Dash, I'm a princess of equestria.
Rainbow dash:
(Barely listening,) I'm a princess, mommy?
Twi only stares

What I think

Has promise, I'll continue to read this.

Has promise, I'll continue to read this.

Good story can't wait for new chapter :pinkiehappy:

"Tragedy" "Comedy"

more please

Interesting start, can't wait for more.

But wait, if Dash is regressed to a younger age, and her family is dead... Oh sweet Luna, I sense a plot point.

Normally seeing the tag for mental regression is enough to dissuade any further investigation. Yet the rest of the blurb caught my attention and, after having read this first chapter, I've found myself pleasantly surprised. Most fiction involving 'mar' trend towards the author's personal kink, generally making for agonising reading and a waste of server space.

This however appears to be approaching from a psychological standpoint, looking to use the story focus as an exploration of personality and adaptation between the affected characters. Of course, there is still plenty of opportunity for this story to fall off the rails, but from the look of the stylistic approach and excellent handling of literately prose warrants a thumbs up and a tentative watch for further development.

love story need moar:flutterrage::flutterrage:

Sweet merciful Zeus! This is...so...briliant! Moar!!!:flutterrage:

What are you talking about? Twilight never goes outside.

good good..... more more...... rainbow is pleased... lulz

I have no idea what to say. :twilightoops:

:pinkiehappy:You have to do more.Did Rainbow just call Twilight ''Mommy''?! She thinks Twilight is her ''Mom''?!:pinkiegasp:

3910875 I'm inbetween right now...hug me as I laughcry?

I normally don't read stuff with the tragedy tag, but you did write it well enough and all. So... MOAR! :flutterrage:

3910954 I'm not a good hugger, I'll call in an expert.
*ding dong*
That's her!
Okay fluffle puff, ATTACK!

This is pretty good... so many feels... :fluttershyouch:
Also, Twilight... as a mother? I... hope that ends well. :unsuresweetie:
I'm watching you, Mr. Author man... I know your up to something. :ajbemused:

3911017 I feel...so happysad right now...also, I might not be able to breath much.
But that's okay

It's going well, but could you please try to keep a consistent tense? It's especially bad when it changes in the middle of a sentence.

I don't think I've ever seen those two tags in the same place.


Compromise and :eeyup:

From: a Maine-ah

And here I though I was the only one here, ayuh!

Lobstah, blueberries, and potatoes. Also clam-digging, that's fun.:moustache:
I occasionally like to joke and say "South Quebec", because no one knows where the hell anything is above Massachusetts. Then again, if we regularly get enough snow to literally bury cars, maybe they have a bit of a point.

Um, shouldn't this story have a gore tag? I'm just saying. The first chapter describes her head being split open and legs having bones sticking out, that kind of thing. Great story just thought it could use that tag is all.

Sad music, go go go!

Love it:rainbowlaugh:. Too bad I can't find any more like it.

I think you should have twilight use an age spell to make her look like a foal agien

Your grammar sucks.

Aww. I really find it a miss when such an interesting idea is executed so poorly.

It's a good story, but it seems like no one remembers Twilight's an alicorn until she pulls rank :derpyderp2:

Ha Meekoli laughed at this he has not laughed in lonng time good job

Meekoli laughs at her injuries... He is cool

Poor Dashie

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