This story is a sequel to Nuzzle Locked

While enjoying Movie Night out with the girls, Twilight Sparkle discovers what it feels like to snuggle somepony. She then makes the logical next step: attempting to distill cuddles into portable, consumable form. Rainbow Dash just happens to be the test subject... erm... f-for science, of course.

Cover Art by Captainpudgemuffin
This Completes the Pudge Pony Nuzzling Trilogy

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You took possibly the most intoxicating SFW pony pic I've ever seen and used it to decorate your cuddle story.

RIP my pancreas.

Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy sat patiently on their haunches like colorful kitty cats

All of my love.

5682869 Yeah, I had it in my browser tabs for two weeks. Couldn't bring myself to close it, and I don't even ship them. It's one of my all-time faves.


Jim Croce reference. Very nice.

"Whew-wee! Look at me! I'm doin' science! Bet Aunt and Uncle Orange would be proud!"


The pony diabeetus is real, I tell you.

No. Bad Skirts. Dashie cannot be a Khornate cultist. D:

Can I just say

I can't take all these cuddles

I don't think I've ever seen such a goofy story turn so sweet before. I'm not precisely sure what I just read, but I'm considerably-more-precisely sure that I enjoyed it. Warm fuzzies aplenty.

Please don't catch me in a bottle.

Pinkie waved too hooves. "Could you dumb it down a notch?" She blinked. "Maybe even a yogscast?"

:facehoof: I don't know whether to laugh or cry...
Also "two hooves" (Sorry, couldn't resist)

Wait a second... This is a sequel to a story, which is a sequel to another story, which is a sequel to this story.

5684082 Sequelception... Dun Dun Duhh :rainbowdetermined2:

Applejack wants more! :ajsmug::rainbowkiss:

God, there is a sequel loop here!!!

And it begins.

Christopher Neighlan. Best. Pony pun. Ever.


Dawn of Time - 2014
An honourable and good friend with a passion for reading. Died from an over-dose of Happiness (H), Cuddles (C's) and Rainbow Dash (Speed). Will be missed.

5683548 Why not? Kharn was loyal to his men (the ones he didn't stab in the back, or avalanche surf, or...You know what, nevermind. Kharn was an asshole).

That was cute. Liked it

Corn shucking.

I know what it is, but given how this fandom dirties up every other innocent word or phrase, I find myself wondering exactly what Applejack is doing tomorrow.

Why am I not surprised Skirts started with the Appledash :rainbowkiss:

"Wow, Spike!" Twilight Sparkle hugged the clipboard to her labcoat'd chest. "It's working! Such progress!"

Many science!

Spike pulled melodramatically from his face scales. "What has science done?!"

"Look for scared birds and mark her, team!"

Evolve reference?

She then makes the logical next step: attempting to distill cuddles into portable, consumable form.

This reasoning is impeccable.

The stories make a full circle! Wich one is the first?! Cuddle? Nuzzlelock? Fuzz?

5684818 I don't know it is so confusing.:derpyderp1:

5684818 5684922
Stuck in a loop of infinite snuggles! AAAAUUGGGH!

5685009 Too fluffy!!! Oh wait there is no such thing as too much fluff.:twilightblush:

Why am I suddenly terrified?

Goddammit, Skirts. This is the most adorable and ridiculous thing.

And this is is what happens when you break Twilight Sparkle. People always point to Pinkie as the impossible one, but when Twilight gets worked up she will break physics and mathematics over her knee and tell them what's what, regardless of impossibility.

Speaking of Mr. Nolan, I wonder how Twilight would react to Interstellar? Or what Luna would say about Inception?

(Probably they both would scream "THAT'S NOT HOW IT WORKS YOU AMATEURS!".)

Pone diabeetus from too much adoracute.

Its real.

I have too many feelings about this to post a good comment.

Spike isn't just the comedy relief. He's also the ONLY SANE DRAGON in this crazy lot.


Oh sweet Celestia, Twilight. What have you done?

Well, that was adorable beyond words. So much fluff and purring and ponies behaving like cats. :heart: This story needs to be featured in every place that features pony stories.

You know, "trilogy" is just a word. Can we have more of these? Please? Pretty please?


Dear Princess Celestia,

I screwed up.

Your faithful student,

-Twilight Sparkle

Well, she takes an ear of corn, strips off them annoying green leaves, gets it nice and hot and buttery...

And then she eats it.


Dem circular references

Chapter spiking... :pinkiesick: Not illegal, but frustrating for other writers with longer chapters written over long periods to compete with for positions on the featured box or even popular stories box.
Then again, this is an already established author with lots of followers. Skill and reputation have already been established and the like to dislike ratio for this story isn't bad. :applejackunsure: You have to earn your way to the top, I suppose. I still have a long way to go before I manage to write with full competence. :fluttershyouch:
Hope you all enjoy.

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