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Pecking away at answering my biggest personal questions through organic writing. Not afraid of controversy. TwiPie justifies life's suffering. (I do free reviews for flow and emotional impact!)

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1626761 Well that is the case regarding every traditional form of advertisement, the means just change regarding the tools used and the amount human involvement in the process.

But there is also those factors that helps a story be more visible like the search engine of it's presence in blogs like EqD or top tens, or simply among the most of something so that it appears on the first of first few pages among this categories.

So just because a story has the most words or the most comments it can become significantly more visible than others.:scootangel:

I believe that success when it comes to any art form is 50% Skill 50% Visibility, Just because a story is petty visible doesn't mean that many people will read it, and in the same way even if a story is extremely good, if it doesn't do a very good job at making itself visible it won't be very successful. Provided that success is measured not just by the strength of reactions a story receives; but by the amount of them as-well. :raritystarry:


1627915 That was YOU?
Well, at least my story's getting reviewed. I'd overlook the language if you reviewed it. I'm just really, really desperate to know what I did and am doing wrong.

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