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Sanguinius is a pretty boring guy, eh writes fanfiction and doesn't listen to anybody.

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Too late. It can't be unseen.


aw fuck yeah

Not sure if want... May give it a try when I get bored enough. Which may not be too far off considering how dull the last couple of days have been.

Goddamn! It's over 100k words, this could take a while...

.......................................I like it:pinkiehappy:

Human and pony stuff ain't really my thing, still this fic does have some heart warming moments as well as drama and even a bit of comedy:derpytongue2:

Over all, I give a 7 out of 10:eeyup:

chapter 8 ITS OVER 9000:flutterrage:

oh fuck yeah, its on fimfiction now

Rarity as mai waifu is my secret fantasy, and you, Sir, are horrible for enabling it. Now if you don't mind, I am going to retire for the evening and cry myself to sleep.


Marshmallows. *Chuckles at an inside joke*
I've never seen the erotic appeal to eating, myself.
But, you are more literature-based in your writing style than most would be. *Clicks next chapter*

I hate clopfics, but just the fact that there's a 20 thousand word chapter makes me want to read this.

I'm always hoping that the way I write them can change your opinion; maybe not of clopfics in general but of how they can be written. A lot of people have told me that Preggity is more romance novel than fapwork. Maybe they're right, I'm not sure. In any case, thanks for giving it a look-over, and I'd be glad to hear which parts you do and don't like.

I might give this a try, the fact that most chapters are really long, could mean it's really well thought out and written. Tho I usually not an fan of human and ponies together, but I'm not one to shrug off an fic with this much effort.

is there a chapter in this story without a sex scene


'Fraid not. It started out as a joke on a friend who wrote Human / PoV stuff, and I wanted to make a romance out of it once it caught on. By that point I had way too big an accidental following to just flat out displease, so I did my best to compromise. Sex is in every chapter but the epilogue, and it's plenty fetish fuely in places; but I try my best to aim for good taste in each instance. Once the e-mails started to really pour in people started to mention how much more they liked the romance than the clop, but at that point the framework was established. Over time the sex gets much more spread out as a result.

Dude... That picture is WRONG! :pinkiesick:
But the story is kinda neat...

First, the complaints:
I hate 'silent protagonists'. You did this one very well, expressing thought and even dialogue without actually having him speak, but it always feels like an unnecessary hoop.
Your terminology slipped a couple times. Particularly, seeing the word 'womanhood' is always out of place to me. 'Marehood' seems like the more proper term. Maybe that's a more personal preference, but eh.

All in all though, damned impressive work. The characters were well-developed and intelligent, they had flaws, they grew. The B plot romance was a great accent (and is also my favorite Mane 6 ship) and I look forward to seeing Unicorn Diaries completed.
I always appreciate seeing authors who will take 'clopfiction' and turn it into something as large and powerful as this. This was excellent.

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170191 no your not bro :ajbemused: /)

I wish I could kill you and absorb your powers so I can make my Twaifufics as good as this

But no, really, this is beyond anything I could have imagined.

that was sweet..

I'm not specifically into pregnant stuff, but this is some pretty hot action. :moustache:

Swiper no swiping. Swiper no swiping. Swiper no swiping!

I was drawn in by that twenty thousand word chapter as well. I'm not into clopfics, but this was written quite well. Honestly, I wouldn't mind reading more of this calibre. Bravo.

yay:pinkiehappy::raritystarry: once uppon a time there was a fat rarity she was so fat every one died the end !!! (spongebob square pants):pinkiehappy::raritydespair::raritystarry:

Don't you just love it when so many people comment on a story saying "I have not read this". I came to this story for the clop, but after reading this, I truely loved it. It was not only well written and sexy, but it had an actual plot(excuse the pun :rainbowlaugh:) and made me care about the characters. It pulled me in and kept me tied down until I read all of it, and I am happy for it. Thank You!

Let us all be lonely together... maybe with company it won't feel so bad. :pinkiesad2:

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nice story but i came here for the clop orginally... now i am here for the story.

meaning the story is great (so far i have read to chapter 6)

I am disappoint with this lack of comments. Excellent chapter, made me feel.:raritycry:


hey Sanguinius you thinking of makeing a sequel and a prequel to this?

(sequel is obvious)

(prequel is when the charecter first came to ponyville and the events that followed all the way up to rareity getting pregnant and maybe a little after that.)

Having read this story on another site, I have to say this is one of the best clop fics ever. It's characterizations are spot on and wonderful. The story is magnificent and can range from funny to a little bit of sad in it. The clop scenes are just perfect and the fetishes they got in it are done right. In face some of these fetishes like the pregnant one, I never got into it until I read this story. A grand story for all to enjoy and simply one of the very best. It gets the well deserved 5 stars.

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... well that explains a lot :rainbowderp: ... so the main charecter is a chubby lover...
and rareity is someone who likes doing it in public...

i know i orginally came here for the clop and all but i didnt expect to find this... :rainbowderp:

i truely am dumbstruck...


maybe prequel also?

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why is people complaining about a picture...

0.0 oh i see the picture for the start of the novel that little picture of rareity in fornt of the fridge eating something looking back at you while you...

well i think i covered that detail enough...


sequel i mean unique just got born why not show some of her life...

First clopfiction that I have ever read that has gone so deep and is so rich with plot and actual romance. I thought the way you portrayed the love between Rarity and the POV perspective to be very intense and realistic. You, good sir, have thoroughly won me over for plot-laced clopfiction. :heart:

Please keep up the good work...I'll be watching you!:pinkiecrazy:

Powerful and shocking, love it!

I don't clop to these fics (then why do I read), but I had a great time reading this chapter, great stuff.

I came for the clop, but stayed for the story! I would love to read a prequel. :raritywink:

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