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Jade Leaf and her siblings had been in charge of the seasons for as long as she could remember.

But on the day she was to bring spring to the forest, her curiosity would cause a chain of events that would see her home reduced to ash and herself broken.

This is the tale of what happened to her and her encounter with a creature that would shape the world to how we know it today.

A/N: I had actually been thinking about this for a few years now, ever since I had seen Fantasia 2000's Firebird Suite on YouTube.

All characters are OCs, but if any of the names look like another reader's, I do apologise.

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(Soooo... Yeah, this is a thing again. It took Kirito convincing me to make it happen. The original was an absolute mess, no question about it, and not my most proudest moment in writing a story. Hopefully this reboot fixes a good majority of the shitstorm that was the original Equestrian Black Crusade)

It's been years since Sebaste had been in Equestria. But memories of his old universe disturb his dreams.

Now, past and present collide as he, Alexis, Viktor, Sasha and Rainblade are suddenly transported to the chain of events that parcipitated the Black Crusade in Sebaste's original universe. With new allies to help them, they bring the fight to Ahriman's forces. Together, they are Equestria's Wardens.

A collab between me, Brony Parasite, Kirito, Drakol, Marsara and Azure Dark.

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Maretropolis, a city under siege. Villains roam the streets and crime penetrates even the most protected sectors.

The only line of defense are a small band of heroes called the Power Ponies. But investigating a strange distubance, they come across a strange group calling themselves the Loonatics. Wielding powers unlike anything seen before, the Power Ponies must learn to work with these strangers as two ancient foes threatens to destroy both the city they love... and the world the Loonatics came from....

An MLP/ Loonatics Unleashed crossover

I do not own either, all rights go to their owners.

May contain some swearing and violence.

First time writing a Power Ponies fic, so if anyone wants to help me with character lore is more than welcome!

As always, constructive criticism and thoughts are welcome!

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After buying four masks of the Night Pride from the Lions, Tigers and Bears comic book series, Viktor, Carlos, Katelyn, and Alexa are thrust into Equestria a year before Luna becomes Nightmare Moon. There, they encounter a foe they had thought had only existed in a comic book.

Years afterwards, Luna has been freed of Nightmare Moon's influence, but the Pride had been turned to stone by a grief stricken Celestia. A chain of events soon frees them, but now they are thrust into a battle against the same foes they had fought so long ago. With new allies to help them, they prepare to fight to stop the Age of Beasts from becoming reality...

A Lions,Tigers and Bears displaced story.

Constructive criticism and feedback are appreciated.

If you don't like the the story,you don't have to read it.

(A note from the author: Yes, this is the same Lions Tigers and... Ponies?! story I had cancelled a few years ago, but I've decided to bring it back to life. As such, I've combined chapters 2-3 and 4-5 into two large chapters, and have another chapter in the works.)

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After receiving gifts from a local comic book shop, Victoria and Tulip find themselves in a world that echoes a world that had been created for a game, but with a noticeable difference, instead of humans, ponies occupy this world.

Now these two must master their new powers to stop an evil darkness that threatens to destroy them and the world they are in before it’s too late....

A Warmachine/Madoka Magica displaced collab with Brony Parasite

I do not own either Warmachine or Madoka Magica, they belong to their respective owners

Constructive criticism is appreciated!

If you don’t like the story, don’t read it and please don’t make trouble for me!

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This story is a sequel to For the Emperor and the UNSC! (Rebooted version)

It has been 2 months since Rainblade had arrived in a new Equestria, and she has managed to fit in, despite parts of her were now cybernetic.

But a surprise visit from the one who made her like this would shake her up more than she would admit...

This is a stand alone one-shot of Rainblade from my reboot of "For the Emperor and the UNSC!" and it was done with the help of Chaos Lord Reiuji Kirito.

I do not own MLP:FIM, Halo, WH40K, or Soul Calibur

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When the Four Fallen appear, destruction seems near, but do not lose hope, for the two who slumber will awaken, and even the gods will tremble at their names... - Unknown prophet, CR 132

10,000 years after Discord was stopped by two strangers wielding strange powers and abilities, a new threat has appeared in Equestria, a threat even older than Discord himself....

But a single prophecy tells of the return of the two, and with the help of Twilight and her friends, these two will be able to stop this new threat... or Equestria will fall....

A Brave Frontier Displaced story

Midnight Storm and Co. belong to Chaotic Ink and his story 'The Witching Hour'

I do not own MLP:FIM or Brave Frontier, they belong to their respective owners

Rated T for mild gore and some language

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Cover pic by Manual Control (Thx so much man!)

Never forgive, Never forget - Motto of the Dark Angels

Spartans never die... They're just missing...

After buying weapons from an unknown vendor at Comicon, Viktor, Sebastian and Alexandra are sent into a world where a war is tearing the country apart. And this is not the only threat they face.... for other threats lurk in the shadows... and along the way, they will discover that they're not the only ones out there....

I do not own Halo, Warhammer 40,000, SoulCalibur or MLP, all rights belong to their respective owners

Nyx belongs to Pen Stroke (I highly recommend checking out his story!)

Rated teen for mild swearing and mild gore

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Warframe/Equestria AU

After being shot down and losing his squad on a raid on a Grineer ship, Ankyas Ferias, also known as Volt, was pulled into Equestria by a summoning spell by Twilight. Now he must learn how to fit in this strange new world, but as he learns about Equestria, sinister forces plan its downfall and when a life is threatened, he will make his choice, and become the hero Equestria needs....

My first crack at a HiE fic, so please cut me some slack!

I do not own Warframe or MLP, those belong to their respective owners

Nyx belongs to Pen Stroke (Don't confuse her with the Warframe of the same name:rainbowlaugh:)

Rated teen for some mild language and gore

Constructive criticism and positive feedback are welcome, and if you don't like it, please explain before downvoting

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In the grim darkness of the far future... THERE IS ONLY WAR!

It all started when I picked up that Bolter at the convention , the guy was dressed up as a rouge trader and I was looking for a weapon to go with my Dark Angel costume, my mate Sebaste was with me and he grabbed a Assault rifle that the Merchant had, next thing we knew, we're sent to Equestria! Now we're Equestria's only defense against the forces of the Covenant and whatever Xenos and traitors appear in the country.
My name's Sasha ( or rather Sebastian), and this is my story....

Warhammer 40,000 belongs to Games Workshop

Halo belongs to 343i

My Little Pony belongs to Lauren Faust and Hasbro

Rated teen for some mild gore and language

This story has been approved for the War of Shadows

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