• Published 17th Apr 2016
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I'm No Legend - Short Stories

Twilight gets amnesia. Oddly specific amnesia.

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Why a Doctor?

Merry May saw her from a mile away, which was surprising, considering her vision (it was blurry due to a recent eye appointment with Dr. Horse). Both of the alicorn's eyes had turned back inside her head, yet she didn't fall. She just stood there, moaning like a zombie, until her eyes returned to normal, then she anxiously looked around, seemingly oblivious to the worried and scared glances she was receiving. Merry decided to go up to the poor princess to see if she was okay.

"Excuse me? Princess Twilight?" Merry asked warily, hoping not to cause her to go into that state again. "Are you okay? Do you need to see the doctor?"

Twilight blinked, clearly confused as to what Merry had said. "This town has a doctor?" She asked.

"Ponyville's always had a doctor." Merry said, "I just got back from him myself. I think thy won't mind if I come back with you, though." She spread open her wings, began hovering in the air. "Do you want to walk or fly there?"

It was no use to ask Twilight that question, however, as she was having yet another episode.

"We came as soon as we heard!" Twilight heard herself say as her vision showed a white pony with a light pink mane in a tight bun standing in front of a blue pull-away curtain.

"Thank goodness", the breathed a sigh of relief. She pulled back the curtain to reveal many very sick ponies, all on their backs and moaning painfully. Twilight was shocked at the sight; never before had she seen so many ill ponies. She felt her own mouth drop as soon as she asked what happened. "There seemed to be a mishap with the baked goods..." the mare--of which Twilight now saw was a nurse --said.

A pink pony with a pink, poofy mane looked up from her cot, overhearing their conversation. "Not baked goods," she moaned, "baked bads."

The pegasus was in front of her, shaking her gently, extremely concerned. "Twilight? Princess Twilight Sparkle?" She asked over and over. Twilight shook her head violently to fully get out of the daze she had been in and pulled the pegasus off with her magic. "Did it happen again?" She asked, still close but obviously no longer shaking her.

Twilight scrunched her nose, not filly trusting this pony--for all she knew, she could be a stalker, luring her to her home to torture her. "No..." Twilight said uncertainly, attempting to turn away from the pegasus.

Merry knew in that moment she was lying. The same symptoms that she had seen before happened again. "Your lying." She said blandly, trying yet failing to take Twilight's hoof. "I'm not going to harm you," Merry said in an attempt to reassure the princess, "whatever just happened to you might be harmful--to your self being, or to other ponies." She took a deep breath, putting on a sterner tone. "You need to see Dr. Horse." She concluded.

Against Twilight's will, Merry took her hoof and began to drag her towards a small building. Twilight pulled and and protested, but the mare seemed determined. You leave me no choice, she thought after a good thirty seconds. She fired up her horn and teleported away from the mare.

Merry looked behind her once she felt Twilight's hoof go away. She gasped when she realized she wasn't there. Merry figured she teleported and flew high above Ponyville, trying to catch a glimpse of Twilight. Whether she liked it or not, she was going to go to the doctors and going to get whatever she had checked on. Merry let out a groan of frustration and flew back down to the ground. Maybe it'd be better to look after her vision finally cleared up. Twilight had plenty of time to hide and/or find more help until then.

Spike arrived at Rainbows to see a ladder leaning against it and a broken window. Shocked and scared for the blue pegasus, he climbed the ladder as fast as he could, peered in the broken window to see...

...Scootaloo, who had ransacked the place in a nervous frenzy.

"Scootaloo?!" Spike gasped, "what in Equestria are you doing?!"

The orange filly jumped, turned around nervously. "Oh! H-hi, Spike," she stammered, "I was just...just....looking for my kickball?"

"Uh....huh..." Spike mumbled, raising an eyebrow, clearly not buying it. He set foot on the cloud floor, but took it away when the cloud dissolved under is foot. "Did you find Rainbow Dash while you were at it?" Has asked as he put his foot back on the ladder. He assumed, since the other three were gone, Rainbow and Fluttershy would be, too. It never really hurt to check, though.

Scootaloo's eyes widened, her ears pressing against he head. "NO!" She cried, "Rainbow didn't meet me for our ten o clock flying training I so nervous after she didn't appear after twenty minutes and I didn't now what to do so I broke in to see if she slept in or something!"

"Right." Spike said sarcastically, "because that's the rational thing to do."

Scootaloo scowled, her tiny wings starting to flap but not lifting her off the ground. "Well, what would you have done?!"

"I don't know!" Spike yelled out of frustration, "All I know is Twilight's memory is gone, and so are all her friends and Celestia still hasn't messaged me back!"

Scootaloo inched forward, putting her hooves on what remained of Dashes bed. "Wait," she said, "Twilight lost her memory?"

Spike winced, knowing he had spilled way to much information on the filly at one time. "No?" He tried, making Scootaloo narrow her eyes. "Maybe? Sorta-kinda-yeah?"

"Sorta-kinda-yeah?" The little pegasus came closer to the window, her eyes no longer narrowed but shone with confusion and sympathy. "Is that a 'yes', Spike?" She asked, "it feels like there's something your not telling me."

"Oh, there is." He nodded, eyes wide. "Twilight still has her memory, believe me, but she doesn't remember anything that happened within the last two years!" He exclaimed, throwing his arms in the air for emphasis. The motion nearly knocked him off balance and he had to quickly put his weight against the ladder so it wouldn't fall and crush him under it's weight.

The filly put her hooves on the windowsill, nothing but concern showing in her face. "Is she okay?" She asked, "does she need to see a doctor?" Spike facepalmed himself, upset that he didn't think of that before. "You haven't taken her to the doctor?" Scootaloo guessed from his face-palm. "Why not?"

"I don't know," Spike groaned, "I guess the fear got to my brain and I couldn't think clearly. I wanted to bring all of her friends over to see what they could do...I never though of going to Doctor Horse." He put his claws over his face, not believing how dumb fear had made him. "I'm such an idiot..." his voice was muffled by his claws, but Scootaloo caught just enough of that sentence to make out what he had said.

"No, your not, Spike!" She exclaimed, "you know, I probably would have done the same thing."


"If one of my friends lost their memory and everypony else disappeared, I'd be in to much panic to think rationally." She took a deep breath, casting her eyes off to the side. "Just...don't tell anypony I said that, okay?"

Spike nodded, his spirits lifted a tiny bit from Scootaloo's very, very small speech. "Don't worry, Scootaloo," he said, offering her a grin, "I won't."

Scootaloo looked around the house, now realizing the damage she had caused. "I guess Rainbow isn't here..." she said, immediately giving a nervous laugh afterwards. "Have you been to Fluttershy's yet?"

The dragon closed his eyes and shook his head.

"You could go and go get Twilight and bring her to the doctors while I go see if Fluttershy is home." Scootaloo suggested, her tiny wings buzzing with excitement.

"Shouldn't you clean this mess up first?" Spike asked as he looked around what he could see of the ransacked house.

The filly closed her eyes, shrugged, as if it weren't her problem. "Nah," she said, "it almost looks the same as when I came here. I don't think she'll notice."

Spike was about to point out that Rainbow might, but realized Scootaloo was right. He shrugged as well and began to make his way down the ladder, Scootaloo quickly following him down.

Spike found her around the houses closest to the castle, fighting off a lime green pegasus. "I'm telling you," the pegasus huffed as she tried to drag Twilight away, "you need to see a doctor!"

"And I'm telling you, Twilight scowled, trying to put all her weight on where she was standing, "I'm perfectly fine!"

"You didn't look that way earlier today!" The pegasus counteracted.

Spike decided he had had enough and went between the two to try and break up the argument, but to no avail as the two didn't even notice his efforts. He finally slapped Merry's hoof away from Twilight's, huffing from exhaustion and frustration. That got both mare's attention, Twilight happy to see him.

"Spike!" She cheered, "I'm glad your here!" She looked up at Merry May angrily, the pegasus looking down on her in the same way. "Could you please tell this crazy pegasus that I don't need to go to the doctors?"

"Oh, don't listen to her, dragon." Merry snarled, still looking at Twilight. "She's been acting very strange. She doesn't know where she is and keeps acting like some undead pony." The pegasus visibly shuddered at the thought, "it's creeping ponies out. She needs to go."

Spike raised his chin to look at Merry, eyes closed so the sun wouldn't burn his corneas. "I couldn't agree more." He said simply.

"Exactly!" Twilight exclaimed before her brain could process what Spike had said. "What, what?" She looked down at the dragon and nudged him with her hoof. "You don't really mean that, do you, Spike?"

Spike nodded solemnly. "Why are you so reluctant to go anyway, Twilight?" He asked, "it's not like Doctor Horse is going to fry you to a crisp or anything."

"No reason..." Twilight mumbled, though there was a reason that she kept to herself for a while. She had a mild phobia of doctor's offices and when somepony told her or tried to force her into doing one of her many minor fears, she didn't like it and her stubbornness skyrocketed until she got her way.

Spike crossed his little dragon arms, knowing that nervous look anywhere. "Uh...huh..." he mumbled.

He was about to finish his thought when Scootaloo zoomed up next to him on her scooter. "She's not there," she said easily, as if she hadn't just zoomed across half of Ponyville as fast as her wings could take her. "Angel was trying to tell me something, but I coulden't understand him. Some parrot she must have been petsitting translated for me, though. He was saying she hadn't been there at all during his midnight feeding and there was a very quiet scream twelve minutes before hand."

Spike nodded, happy Scootaloo managed to get the extra the extra information. "Thanks, Scootaloo." He smiled, "now, can you help me drag--I-I mean get Twilight to the doctors?"

Twilight froze at the sudden question. She hadn't been paying attention to the conversation, but she did happen to pay attention when her name was announced. "Certainly." She heard the small orange pegasus say happily. Suddenly, two pegasi and a baby dragon turned on her instantly, and she knew exactly where they planned to take her.

Panicking, she fired up her horn and teleported back up to her caste room; she would have teleported all the way to her Canterlot room but she had just somewhat mastered the teleportation spell and was tired from the amount of energy she had used up during the two times of teleportation.

"Where'd she go?" Merry May asked.

"I'm not sure..." Spike said, "but I know she couldn't have gone far."

Author's Note:

Merry, Merry, quite contrary, how is your vision now?
I don't know who you are, or where you came from, but it's getting better, pal!

What went through my mind while typing the title: Have you seen, have you seen, have you seen seaweed...? If anyone watched "The Misadventures of Flapjack", then you know what I'm talking about.

The next chapter won't be what you think it'll be........ 0_o_o_0

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