• Published 17th Apr 2016
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I'm No Legend - Short Stories

Twilight gets amnesia. Oddly specific amnesia.

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"I see your finally awake." The voice rang out before Applejack opened her eyes. She had been awake for quite some time, but was fearful of what would have happened if she were to open her eyes, considering what had happen yesterday. "It's okay, little pony," the voice crooned, "you can open your eyes now. It's all over."

Applejack took a deep breath, her gut churning from how nervous she was. "Ah ain't doin' nothin' till somepony tells me what happened ta Twilight!" She called into inky blackness (it was dark because her eyes were still shut tight).

She felt something brush past her side but didn't dare turn around to confront it. "If I told you that," the voice said, "then this wouldn't be any fun, would it?"

"Discord?!" Applejack growled, "is that you?!"

Voice gave out a hearty laugh, faking amusement. "Sure." It said, "let's go with that." Applejack slumped at his non-helpful reply. "Now open your eyes, Applejack," it hissed, "and nobody gets hurt."

Applejack really didn't want to, but, at the same time, was unnerved by It's tone. "Alright, alright.." she sighed, "don't get yer mane in a twist..." She opened her eyes reluctantly and was greeted with a very dark, deep velvet red room. So dark, it almost looked like inky blackness, minus the fact that some light from an apple-shaped lamp revealed the room's true colors.

"Where am ah?" She asked, cautiously looking around and noting the strange place didn't have any windows or doors.

"Welcome to Limbo, dear Applejack." The voice responded. She finally saw where it was coming from; a strange voice box hung in the northwest corner of the room. A soft click emitted from it as soon as It was done speaking.

She looked around again, seeing camouflaged furniture appear seemingly out of nowhere. "Wait...." she called, looking up at the voice box. "What in tarnation is a Lime-bow?"

Pinkie, Rarity, Rainbow, and Fluttershy were all awoken and treated the exact same way. Pinkie Pie's room was a dark, velvety pink, Rarity's was a pure white (since it was impossible to make white look dark without making it grey), Rainbow's was a dark blue, and Fluttershy's was a very deep, yellow; almost brown.

And each had slightly different reactions when "It" welcomed them to Limbo.

"Ooo! A Limbo?" Pinkie cheered, "like a limbo party?!" She pranced around, looking for a limbo stick but couldn't find any. Unfortunately for her, It had long moved on from her room.

"A lime bow sounds so horrid!" Rarity exclaimed, "though I did make a hat of only a straw and three pieces of hay work once for a mare at the Crystal Fair, so I suppose I could make this work, too." She looked for supplies to get her started, but saw none. "Typical ruffians..." she huffed, "they kidnap a mare, make her a damsel in distress, give her a great idea, then give her nothing to work with."

Rainbow tried to fly up to the voice box to see if some strange, creepy little elf was in there, but found her wings were wrapped in a very thick, unbreakable cotton.

"I don't know what 'Limbo' means," she snarled at the box, hoping 'It' was still listening. "But once I find out how to get out of here, I'm going to make sure you get trapped in this stupid junk pile you call a room!"

"A...a limbo?" Fluttershy whispered, attempting to hide behind her mane but still looking at the voice box out of the corner of her eye. "Oh, my. That sounds terrible. There aren't any animal limbs in here, are there?"

'It' had already left.

Though they all had different reactions, each mare thought the same thing once they felt 'It' had left, (which took a whole lot of asking questions to the box and not getting an answer in return). How do I get out of here?

Author's Note:

I get it. The colors are a bit to much. Don't spam me with color complaint comments, please. I get it.

I'm too lazy to change the colors here, but I'll leave it plain next time it goes back to these five.

If there is a next time.....:pinkiecrazy:

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