• Published 17th Apr 2016
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I'm No Legend - Short Stories

Twilight gets amnesia. Oddly specific amnesia.

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Will It Work?

Doctor Horse was perplexed at the situation that laid before him. A dragon, a pegasus filly, and an alicorn stared at him as he entered the room. He tried his hardest not to gawk at the princess as he went over the information Nurse Redheart had put down for him on the clipboard. "Ahh, Miss Twilight Sparkle," he mumbled, "it seems that you're suffering from...amnesia?"

Twilight avoided his gaze and let her ears droop. "That's what everypony keeps telling me." She sighed, reluctant to admit she was wrong but also knowing it was about time to face the facts. "I keep denying it," she admitted, "but, I guess I'm the only one who is. Maybe...maybe I really do have amnesia...I don't know..."

"Acknowledging that you have it is a step closer to fixing it," Dr. Horse said in an attempt to cheer
Twilight up. He looked down at the dragon, who seemed particularly antsy. He vaguely remembered his assistant complaining about a baby dragon that had come in some time ago, that had burned the assistant's face. He wondered if this was the same guy.

"She's been like this ever since this morning," Spike explained, "I don't know what happened; she was out with her friends last night and she woke up with no memory of the last two years and all her friends are gone!"

Dr. Horse raised an eyebrow, set the clipboard on an empty counter space. "Did ya file a police report?" He asked.

Spike blinked, arms held in the air. "Ponyville has police?" he asked, staring blankly ahead.

"Well....no...." the Doctor admitted, "but Manehattan does, and they can get here within a day. Beyond that, I'm not sure how else to help you." He grabbed the clipboard again and headed towards the door. "Just bring her around the town, remind her of some of the times you spent together. That could help get her memory working again."

"What if it's a spell?" Scootaloo asked from off to the side. "Would you know how to reverse it?"

The stallion turned around, considering Scootaloo's question. "I suppose so...." he mumbled, "I'd need to find the reversal spell, though. It's been quite a while since I've used it." He stepped out of the room, then poked his head in a heartbeat later. "I'll be right back, try and see if you can get some of her memory back in the meantime."

Scootaloo and Spike nodded, each supporting their own healthy mix of excitement and nervousness. "We’ll try..." They mumbled.


Twilight slumped her head down after countless questions she didn't know the answer too. Spike and Scootaloo were still going at it, claiming they were easy questions, and she was getting an ever-growing headache as the so-called "easy" questions continued to be asked.

The door opened after what seemed like an eternity and Dr. Horse emerged, levitating a piece of paper. "Sorry for the wait," he said, "Nurse Redheart had borrowed it for a friend and forgot to tell me. Good thing her friend brought it back yesterday, else we'd be stuck." He chuckled, which was met with urgent and impatient stares.

He cleared his throat and skimmed over the spell three times, then set it aside and approached the alicorn. "Are you ready, Princess Twilight?"

Twilight sat on her haunches, visibly shaking. "I--I suppose..." she mumbled, "are you sure it's safe? Are there any side effects? Like---electrocution or uncontrollable crying or--"

He cut her off with a friendly smile as he fired up his horn. "I assure you, Princess, there are little to no negative side effects. The worst that will happen is it'll give you hiccups." His horn glowed brighter, signaling Twilight to, reluctantly, bring her head forwards; he placed his upon her forehead and let the spell takeover.

A large, blinding, light blue light filled the room, making Spike and Scootaloo shield their eyes. Doctor Horse started to tense up and Twilight started to scream. The show ended when the doctor collapsed the the floor, exhausted, and Twilight fainting from pain on the cot.

"Are you okay?" Spike asked him, trying to help him up. He stood on shaky legs and smiled at his kindness. "I always forget," he huffed, "how much that takes out of me...I should be okay after a while." He nodded at Twilight, who now had her head hanging off the table. "She should be fine within a couple hours," he continued, "try and see how much of her memory she has back; sometimes it doesn't work as well as one would hope. If nothing happened, then...well..." he hesitated, raising a hoof and looking off to the side.

Scootaloo came over to see if she could wake up the alicorn, turning to pay attention to Dr. Horse when he paused. "'Well' what?" She asked, "Twilight will explode?!"

"No, no, no..." Doctor Horse chuckled, "it's probably a strong spell that I can't reverse. You might want to try different methods, if she's still foggy afterwards."

"Of course," Spike nodded, "Thanks so much for your help, Doctor. I don't know what we could have done without you." That, of course, was an open-ended statement, for none of them were sure if the spell actually worked or not.

"You're quite welcome," he smiled, regaining some more of his strength. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to check up on my two o'clock appointment. Good luck, to the both of you!" He then stepped out of the room and walked two doors down. Both pegasus filly and dragon could hear him greet the ponies inside.

Scootaloo and Spike exchanged hopeful glances. "Hopefully that worked," Scootaloo said, "It seemed like it took quite a lot of energy for him to do it."

Spike shrugged, walking towards Twilight. "He probably hasn't done it in a while," he suggested, "that's what happens with Twilight, at least."

"Yeah...I guess you're right." Scootaloo sighed. She looked at the unconscious princess, then at the open door, where Nurse Redheart happened to be passing by. "Uhm..." Scootaloo mumbled, shifting her weight from hoof to hoof. "How are we going to get her out of here?"

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