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I'm No Legend - Short Stories

Twilight gets amnesia. Oddly specific amnesia.

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Can you Cure It?

Ahh, you've finally joined your friends, I see....it was very rude of you to keep them waiting.

"Who's there?!" Twilight jumped within her own mind and turned her head this way and that at breakneck speeds so she could try and find the pony who was talking to her. "Where are you?"

Oh, I'm everywhere and nowhere. I am the air that you breath and the floor under your hooves.

Twilight immediately held her breath and tried to flap her wings to get off the ground, finding that they were immobilized; she wondered why as she attempted to keep all four hooves off the ground.

You need to breathe, eventually Princess...

Twilight charged up her magic and made a weak bubble of protection surround her, then releasing her breath. "Whatever you plan to throw at me," she called, "it won't work! I'm protected."

The bubble popped from an invisible force and Twilight glared up at where she assumed the voice was. "That was so funny, I forgot to laugh." She sneered, "why do you want me here, anyway?"

I'm not the one who brought you here, my dear Twilight. You came to me when you fainted. But it seems you want nothing to do with me, so I guess I'll go.

A hiss started in the distance, but no snakes or any other creatures came forward.

Twilight began to prance in place, becoming more and more frantic by the second. "What's happening?" She cried, "what are you doing? What's that noise?"

I'm leaving. I told you I am the air that you breathe and the ground that you stand upon.

Twilight looked at the floor to see it slowly disappearing, lava glowing brightly underneath.

Either you die of suffocation or you burn to death. You should be happy that I'm giving you a choice. I should be going now, I feel I've overstayed my welcome. Bye, Princess. See you in the afterlife~...

"Wait!" Twilight called, "how do I get out of here?!"

"We just take a couple more turns, and it should be up ahead." Spike told Scootaloo over his shoulder, the map in his hands wavering in the breeze. "This is just in case the spell doesn't work. I'm sure she'll have something much stronger."

Scootaloo rolled her eyes, stepping away from a small patch of Poison Joke. "I know, Spike," she grumbled, "you told me fifty times already."

"I did?" Spike mumbled, "guess I forgot. Okay, we take a right, then a left. Can you see it from here?" Spike was about to look at Scootaloo again and wound up bumping into Zecora herself.

She leaned forward, concern in her eyes. "I did not see that you were in my way," she said, "so now, dear Spike, are you okay?"

Spike helped himself up and grabbed the map, then went over to Scootaloo to put it in her saddle bag, all the while saying "Yeah, I'm fine. Don't worry about it."

Zecora smiled and stood at her full height again. "I was on my way to Ponyville, though I must request, why are you two here and not with the rest?"

He looked at her hopefully, took a couple steps forward. "We were actually trying to find you, we were hoping you would have a herb or a cure for amnesia."

She nodded happily, but considered it an odd request. "A cure for amnesia, indeed I do. Why should I give it to you?"

Spike opened his mouth to speak, but quickly got interrupted by Scootaloo, who told Zecora about what had happened to Twilight that morning, from what she got from Spike, and the events that had carried out from the rest of the day.

"...so, basically, we've been going all around this town trying to cure Twilight and find her friends." Scootaloo finished, "and we figured you'd be the next step in case his spell didn't work."

The zebra nodded slowly, carefully going over each detail that the filly had recited to her. Finally, she spoke with great urgency, but still having calm outline her words. "That is a huge problem, one we all need to brace. Quick, to my hut with great haste!" She turned tail and started galloping towards her home, Spike and Scootaloo quickly following after.


They arrived in no time and where quickly inside in record speed. Zecora went over to the farthest wall, which held similar concoctions to the other shelves. "You told me that after she gave a shout, she proceeded to pass out?" She asked the two, quickly greeted by nods.

"We think that maybe the spell might have been too much for her," Spike suggested, "but we could be wrong."

Zecora breathed a sigh of relief and grabbed a bottle containing purple liquid. She set it on the small workbench and added some pink petals to it, making the concoction turn magenta. "If she still has no memory when she wakes up, give this to her in a half a cup."

Spike took it, clearly confused. "Give half of it to her when she wakes up?" The zebra nodded patently. "What does it do? What if it doesn't work?"

"If the memory loss was not fixed by a spell then this should work, but only time will tell."

Spike grinned at her, happy she was able to help. "Thanks you so much, Zecora. I'll be sure to let you know how it works!" He and Scootaloo ran off before they could hear her response.

There was little floor left by now, and Twilight had noticed the shortage of oxygen some time ago. She tried to hold her breath, to not waste the precious air, and stayed on the sliding floor that was going pressingly faster, towards the wall where it slid into a space that would only contain the sliding floor itself.

She knew a spell that could help her with this situation...something that--

"This is probably going to feel a little funny at first," Twilight said to a group of oddly familiar mares. "But you're going to have to trust me."

The same pink mare that had proclaimed the cupcakes "baked bads" jumped up, clearly more excited than nervous. "I love new ideas that make you feel funny at first!" She proclaimed, but went silent as soon as Twilight started the spell.

Each mare, Twilight included, got surrounded with the alicorn's aura and proceeded to go through a very strange transformation process, with their legs, bodies, heads and all shrinking to the size of a small dust bunny.

Twilight gasped. The show--probably a lost memory--had token a little longer than she had anticipated, leaving her little time to try out the "new" spell that had been etched into her memory during the flashback. She soon was one of the creatures she and her possible friends were, delicate wings and long antenna's probably being the only trouble in fitting through the small space.

She attempted to use her new found wings, but found they were still somehow useless. The opening grew closer, giving her more perspective and letting her confirm she'd have just enough space to squeeze through. She closed her eyes....

Ahh, ahh, ahh....don't you think using a spell is cheating? I guess I'll have to take that away from you, too.

The alicorn immediately grew back to her original size, having mere inches between her and the wall, were it would push her off and she'd burn to a crisp. The oxygen lowered even further and she found she could hardly catch a breathe without her lungs screaming for more.

This is what I've been waiting for..your beautiful demise. Once you die in here, you'll be dead by the time your slaves come back to help you.

"They're not my slaves!" She wheezed, infuriated. "They're...they're...my friends!" She knew she still had many memories to catch up on, but she was glad that that one huge piece of the puzzle had finally fit into place.

Ahh, your memories finally coming back, eh? Too bad you'll never see them again...

Twilight looked down and saw she barley had enough space to stand on her hind legs, which was getting continuously uncomfortable. She knew for a fact she had to wake up before the lava met her fur. But, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't.

She was trapped within her own mind with no way to get outside help.

She was doomed.

Author's Note:

Going to Zecora's house was suggested by Stratocaster! :D Go check out his Zecora-featured story, Voodoo that Zebras Do! It's quite interesting.

Next chapter comes out on/between 6/4 & 6/6

Because testing has started up at my school, I'd have to publish this at home tomorrow. But I and I don't think you want to wait that long, so I guess I'll start publishing on odd number days...for now... :P

I feel this chapter was bad...I'm sorry, I was tired...too be edited later. :raritywink:

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