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Short Stories


The CMC hold a feast for all the fillies/colts in their class. While preparing, Scoots and Bloom get into a fight. While that may not be a rare occurrence, something bad starts to happen to the both of them. Will Sweetie and Rainbow help the two before there friendship vanishes right along with them?

My longest one-chapter story! It's a Thanksgiving miracle! :P

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My longest one-chapter story!

Yeah, that's pretty impressive. Most of my one-shot stories are much shorter. I think there's only one which is longer. In fact, I've written multi-chapter stories shorter than this one.

It doesn't seems like a one shot. But good story anyway.

I enjoyed this! Awesome story! Have a favorite and a like!! :pinkiehappy:

Can you change the status to "Completed" for us? You said this has one chapter, which means that it is complete. And... THAT means that the "Incomplete" status is a lie, and... lying is bad for your heart. As well as the hearts of the ones who love you. (Us)

Surprisingly, this is the only Thanksgiving fanfic I came across today. Quality over quantity, and this has the quality!

I thought it was a pretty good and cool story.

The stories interesting, but you have a lot of errors. Also, how did the football Rainbow was holding while she was talking to Scoots turn into a soccer ball?

Btw, what's a stillhouse?

She sighed, un clenching her fists as Scootaloo's stillhouse seemed to vanish down the hill.

6730243 It was originally a soccer ball, but I changed all of em to football. Guess I missed a couple.

I Didn't Know how to spell "silhouette".

6731716 Ah, I thought that might be what you were going for, but I wasn't sure. :twilightsmile:

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